Monday, April 10, 2006

Flower Attraction

White Dillenia suffruticosa (Simpoh Air Putih)

Flowers need to be pollinated for reproduction of fruits and seeds. Pollination is the process of moving the pollen grain from the anther of a stamen (male gametes) to the stigma of a carpel (female gamete). Most species rely upon some kind of pollination vector to accomplish pollination. The vector can be any agent that can move pollen from anther to stigma. Most famous vectors are bees, butterflies, moth, birds and wasps. Wind and human being could be a pollination vector too. Wind is known to carry minuscule pollen grains like the grasses’ and human being is known to be the vector for date trees like in Arab countries. This is very interesting to learn. They say the male flower of the date palm smells just like the semen of human being and it is back to the study of human creation back to Prophet Adam a.s. and the significance of date fruits in Islam.

Different flowers attracted different kind of vectors as they have specific traits that will ensure this. For instance butterfly will be attracted to flowers that are bright in colour such as red and purple while bees usually will be attracted to flowers that are bright such as white, yellow, blue and UV (complex colours only seen by the vision of bees). It’s not just the colour that plays the important part in pollination, other things that are equally important are the shape of flowers, the scents and the presence of nectar also play an important role to attract certain vectors. It’s amazing how plants and animals are so related and they are created to live in harmony with one another. Something we should learn from nature. If only we have a moment of reflection, we should understand why Allah s.w.t. created the nature in such ways that its existence depended by one another. There is no such existence that is independent. Try to think of it as I sometimes did. Then you will begin to respect all creations.

Now let's here my story:

I cut my ring finger today while trying to use a cutter to cut off my nail.

“Ouch! I cut my finger” I said to myself.

“What! Did you just cut your finger with the cutter?” asked a co-worker looking at me with genuine concern. He looks like he wanted to jump and rescue me.

“Hmm… yes, I cut myself, but it’s okay. Not so painful.” I reassured him to prevent him from approaching me. I took a tissue to rub the blood off. It keeps on pouring out from the sliced skin of my index finger. I dabbed it off, pressed the tissue there to stop the flow and continue with my work as usual. Then I heard the guy said to me:

“Next time if you want to trim your nail, please use a proper scissor or a clipper. There is a small scissor for nails that only cost you RM12.00. Don’t use the cutter, it is dangerous”. He explained.

Well I really appreciate his concern. He’s genuinely sincere. I'll think better of him next time. He’s a good man.

Earlier on: In the office at lunch time whereby everybody was out lunching and I was sitting in the office writing some letters.

“Liza, don’t you go out for lunch?” asked a concern co-worker to me.

“No, I don’t feel like eating today” I told him.

“Are you on diet or do you really feel like not eating?” He insists to know.

“Well, I had eaten the whole packet of ‘keropok’ so now I don’t really feel hungry” I explained then showed him the almost empty packet of ‘keropok’.

“But you still need to properly eaten, even if it’s a very small portion. It will do you a lot of good. You might suffer a period pain. Women with period pain usually will have difficulty in getting children” He told me as if he knew everything.

“Oh, really! What that has got to do with having children?” I asked him.

He then told me all about grace period of postnatal. The difference between Malay ways and Chinese ways and bla, bla, bla… obviously he knows so much but it does not answer how a period pain affects a woman like me from having children.

I hate the idea of not having a child of my own. So I stopped listening and that’s how I cut my finger with the cutter.


  1. The world is divided up into teachers and students. The best teachers never think of themselves as being anything else but students and the best students never think of themselves as teachers.

  2. Thank you Yakoub. You have given me something to think about.

  3. Now, I really want to know who is that "concern co-worker". I hope it's not someone right in front of your seat! Hehe!

    Nice day!

  4. Hi Low,

    Very kind of you to drop by here. Well... nope. It's not him. Wrong person you got there.



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