Sunday, March 26, 2006

VVIP Visit

The Prime Minister & the President of the Senate, Parliament of Czech Republic
Photo courtesy of BERNAMA

Last Thursday we had a VVIP visits, a special delegations from the Czech Republic. They were here by the invitation of our Parliament, special guests to Yang Dipertua Negara, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hamid Pawanteh for a 3-day visit to Malaysia. The Embassy of Czech Republic who had once came to our place, suggested to bring their President of Senate and the senators for a visit to our place. They were interested to get to know the vegetation of Malaysia and what better place to know it all but in Taman Botani Putrajaya.

Czech Republic Delegation during the briefing at the Garden View, Taman Botani

The Director of Landscape and Parks Department Tn. Hj. Shahoran Johan Ariffin was very meticulous in guiding us with the programme to make sure the delegations get what they are expecting of Malaysia. He said this is a special guest and we need to give the best hospitality. At first I thought of giving them a casual tour to the garden since that was what initially planned by the Czech Embassy, but following the wise advice of the Director we managed at the last minute to change the programme to make it more formal and hospitable.

We were told that there will be a translator for the President of the Senate, H.E. Dr. Premsyl Sobotka and the rest of the delegates. They can understand English but some of the things need to be translated. However, most of the senators do not speak the language so we had a little bit of difficulty in conversing.

H. E. Dr. Premsyl Sobotka was a very handsome person as you could see in the photos. I was impressed the moment he stepped out of his limousine because I thought he looked like Sean Connery, another delegate looked like an actor as well (I forgot the name of that actor) and another one looked just like Albert Einstein (see that little man in the photo).

In showing their appreciation of the tour of the garden His Excellency gave our Outdoor Supervisor who headed the garden tour, a CD featuring songs played by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Most probably he brought the CD in exchange of his visit with the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra at the KLCC the day before.

Garden Tour - photo of the lakeside at the Ficus Shade (Teduhan Ara)

For myself, I was given a silk scarf by the Head of Protocol Department of the Senate, the lovely lady in the black dress. My Director of Operation was given a set of pen. It was all really lovely; I mean to be able to represent the country. We all had a role to play especially next year when we will run the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 in conjunction with the 50th Independence Day. At that particular time, everyone is an ambassador.


  1. macam best aja kerja liza ni, boleh represent country dll.. harap semakin maju jaya !

  2. Thank you Sue. Taklah best sangat. Biasa je. Kerja kat mana-mana pun serupa je sebenarnya.



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