Sunday, March 26, 2006

Chris' Hot Spot

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Thursday night, after the important event I went to SS2 for a dinner with my good friend Christina. SS2 has always been our favourite spot for casual dinner and long chat because its stall concept does not require us to dress up and we could sit there for hours without feeling pressured to leave. It’s just nice.

As usual Chris will order her Nescafe Panas (no tarik) and as usual the waiter will always give her the ‘tarik’ one. She will grumble about it and her good mood will be affected. In the case last Thursday, the waiter heard her grumble and he apologised for it.

According to Chris, hot Nescafe is her favourite drink. That is why she’s very particular about it. It has to be perfectly prepared, truly hot and no tarik what so ever because if you tarik the drink, the taste will not be the same. Different preparation will give a different taste. She will go on and on up to saying that the molecules in the drink will joint differently and bla bla bla…. That’s what she believes and I guess she’s right. I like Nescafe too and I like mind with pure condensed milk with no sugar. Sometimes, our local mamak likes to add in sugar to save the milk. That’s their business tactic I supposed and it’s not commendable at all. Sometimes, I will tell them off that never put sugar into my Nescafe or Teh Ais drink please or I will ask them to do another glass. I can always tell.

Well apart from the lousy drinks, the rest of the food was excellent (at least to my standard). We usually enjoy our diner from almost all the stalls (including the burger stall) and it’s very cheap.

SS2 is a residential place with a majority of Chinese population but our favourite dinner spot has a unique mixture of all the races of the rich and the poor. No one will care. This is normal in PJ and KL areas. The one thing everyone shares is the love of food. What else to do when you have so many varieties and choices. You just got to taste them all at a rotating basis.

Another interesting place to visit in SS2 is the book stores. They have quite a few and my favourite is the Rent a Book Store. It has all the old and new fictions that I like. The rental price is only RM4.00 per book for as long as forever, anytime you like (you have to put a deposit so therefore, you could keep the book if you like). Chris and I could browse the store for hours.

There is this one special corner in SS2 that sells all sorts of durian (but I never buy from there). Durian lovers could check this place out. This people are really serious about their durians, they have a website to promote this business. Umm… Yummy. I just love durians (but rarely ate them nowadays). My father knows where to get the best durians in Bentong, Pahang. We went straight to the orchard if we wanted the high quality ones. My favourite is D2.

I know not all people can eat durian especially the foreigners. They’d rather eat bull’s testis and all sorts of weird things but not the durians! Okay, I know, it’s the smell. Well, once they got used to it, they will never stop I’m sure. They don’t call it king of all fruits for nothing.

Well everyone. That’s all about SS2. I’m sure many of you Klang Valley people know the place especially those who live in Taman Tun, Bandar Utama, Damansara Jaya, Kelana Jaya and the neighbouring townships.


  1. teringat masa matrik dulu, minum kopi o ais dan makan nasi lemak letak sambal banyak, pastu lawan sapa habis dulu... ingat lagi tak??

  2. Hmmm.... macam ingat tak ingat pulak. Ye ke dulu Liza kuat makan rupanya. Tapi Liza ingat pasal kopi o ais. Yelah rasa macam ada kita compete siapa boleh habis dengan hirup non-stop :) Eeee... lamanya kenangan masa dulu, masa ada Shammie, Rose and Normah, terasa dah tua pulak kan. Sampai dah tak ingat.

  3. Nescafe is made by Nestle, a company long linked to promoting powdered babymilk amongst the poor of the developing world, often to the detriment of infant health (but always to the benefit of Nestle profits).



  4. Thank you Yakoub... I always believe in breast feeding. Will not go for infant formula or any of such thing.

  5. Derumo3:02 pm

    Yes, the breast feeding is good for the child. The large container is good for the father !!



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