Monday, February 13, 2006

When too many things matter

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby you just shut your world up? It’s like you are no longer listening to the loud noise. It’s like you are into a void of empty spaces, no longer reachable by anyone. No one could scare you and you just don’t care.

Have you ever noticed that your life is like a repetition of certain pattern that it keeps on appearing in many disguises?

Well I do. I feel all this and even more. It’s happening again. Like the Malays saying, “keluar mulut buaya masuk ke mulut harimau” (Translation: it’s like you are out of the crocodile’s mouth into the tiger’s. So it’s the same old trouble you are facing.

That was about two weeks ago when I was almost to the brink of serious break down. I guess, I had too much stress and seriously needed a break. After all work is work, we’ve got to be professional about it. Not to let our emotion taking over our rationale. Do you get what I mean?

In support of Putrajaya and all its events, I went to see the Laman Seni 2006 on Saturday. Laman Seni 2006 is an event showcasing the best Malaysian Arts, comprising of paintings (from various artists), handicrafts, batik, wayang kulit, films, singings and dances. It all put together into one roof. It is sad that it didn't get extensive coverage by the local media. May be because it coincided with Le Tour de’Langkawi and TV3 Sure Heboh and other events that the TV stations gave more priority to. In regardless, I really enjoyed myself with the fantastic handicrafts and the beautiful paintings. I wish I could show it off to the world. I got the chance to get to know a few good young artists and admire their work.

I love art; I don’t understand if anybody says they don’t. It’s very natural to love beautiful things or simply beauty in general. That is art to me :)


  1. Thank you for visiting, ma'am. You have a nice day, y'hear?

  2. When dealing with people like you describe, I used to carry a pair of "Groucho Marx" glasses with me (the kind with big black rims, a huge false nose attached and a big mustache under the nose) when the conversation got to the point of irritation I would take them out and put them on. It is amazing how quickly the conversation would end (and the person, thinking me crazy, would often never bother me again).

  3. Hello Master Mushtaq,

    It's an honour to see you here. Thank you very much. You really made my day today because I really admire your wisdom.

    Yeah, that would be a great idea. It would make that person laughs instead of trying to interrogate me further.

  4. I like your blog. I agree with your statement about patterns. The most frustrating part is when you gone through it so many times that the diguises don't hide the pattern any more and yet ...
    A good book that addresses this in a very offbeat manner is "Timequake" by Kurt Vonnegut. I highly recommend it.



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