Saturday, January 14, 2006

Romancing Morocco

The Public Zone, Islamic Garden Pavilion

The Semi-public Zone, Islamic Garden Pavilion

The Private Zone, Islamic Garden Pavilion, Taman Botani Putrajaya

When I told my friends of how beautiful the place I'm working at at the moment, not many very convinced about it. They can't even imagine it. So I thought it's part of my job to do something about it. After all I am responsible for this place, therefore I am called to write this posting especially to those of you out there who have never been to Taman Botani Putrajaya.

In order to begin this, let me state here that the tag line of the garden is "it's more than a garden". As time goes by, people will know why we claim ourselves more than a mere garden but for the time being, let me introduce to you the pride of the people in Taman Botani, i.e. the Islamic Garden Pavilion (IGP).

As you will see, the photos above showed a few of the most beautiful angles in the IGP. A very fine and exqusite Morocan architecture brought to life for all to see. It was built in year 2003 to commemorate the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) in Putrajaya, a brilliant idea of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad himself. No doubt you will be amazed as many of my special visitors did

Islamic Garden Pavilion showcases the Islamic architecture by the
Moorish (a name for the Berber tribes living in Roman Mauretania) of four imperial cities of Morocco. Through the many rooms in the building, one would be enchanted by the beauty of the city of Fez, Rabat, Marrakesh and Meknes.

The Moors are well known for their craftmenship. They have a wide variety of patterns from geometric form to floral design. They have built many buildings of very fine artwork and one of the most famous is the
Lion's Court of Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The Islamic Garden Pavilion of Putrajaya is the almost perfect replica of this famous palace.

A tour to the IGP is conducted by our facilitators that will greet you the moment you entered the IGP gate. The journey begins from the massive gate itself which is called the public zone. Then you will be brought to the middle of the garden which is called the semi-public zone and eventually to the grand gate of the court itself where you will see the exact replica of the Lion's Court of Alhambra (but without the lions because it is not Islamic to put animal figure).

You will be facinated by the interesting stories of the imperial cities, their culture and their history. Every corner and every design signifies something. Even the lanscape and the water fountain featured in the garden have their own reasons and stories behind it.

Okay I will not want to elaborate anymore, you should come here to experience it yourself. We are very low profile because this place is so precious, it does not need too many people coming at the same time. What we have now is only the first phase of a total of 230 acres of garden land to be developed. There is more to be expected in the future and I will write about it soon. You will not be able to find any write up or a website about Taman Botani except from the Putrajaya Corporation website because we are not ready to be advertised in a full scale as Putrajaya itself is not fully developed. It is seriously still under development and we need a huge fund to do it which takes time and great patience. I might not be around to see it in its glorious moment if my fate takes me to other places in life but I surely have given my heart to this place.

I leave you all to think about it. You don't have to go to Spain to see the great artwork of the the Lion's Court because we have it here in Putrajaya.

Morrocco to Malaysia :)


  1. cantiknya liza, taktau pulak kita struktur binaannya begitu cantik sekali. kalau kita pegi sana, boleh masuk free ke... heheh..

  2. thanks for saving me the trip to spain :)

  3. Hi Sue,
    Memang cantik. Come and see it yourself. For you my dear, anything is for free as long as I'm around.

    Hi Oreos,
    One of my good friends told me that she had been to Alhambra recently and was impressed with the almost exact replica of the architecture. Well I've never been there myself.

    p/s: Oreos, your blog is too sexy. You readers amaze me sometimes :)

  4. It is a country of a dream.
    I have never been to Morocco, but looking at these wonderful pictures, only one wish is appearing into my mind-I definitely have to visit Morocco. Last year my brother went there to buy Morocco property, so he was astonished of the beauty of the country, of the city Fez.



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