Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Malaysia Truly Asia


Recently Malaysia has launched the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 at the Merdeka Square on the 1st January 2006 during the New Year celebration exactly at 12.00 midnight by YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, the Deputy Prime Minister. Most Malaysian who didn't go out that night, watched it on TV and bare witnessed to it. People like me, of course :)

Okay, now that was the intoduction of what I am going to write here; the Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Why 2007? Well, it's because 2007 will mark 50 years of Malaysia being independant from the British colonial ruling. It will marked 50 years of the democracy and the freedom of Malaysian of different races and creed living in harmony and peace with one another.

The word I want to stress here is PEACE. Why PEACE? Well obviously because our world of late is not living in peace. Countries are at war, trying to proof who is more powerful and sometimes with no reason at all to justify their causes of action (arrogance and greed I presumed). Races are at violent clashes not respecting and understanding one another. Not to mention religion clashes around the world and many more unpleasant things. These all, upset me very much.

Now back to Malaysia, yes, we are an unbelievably peaceful country that tolerated all sorts of people. Does not matter who you are, where you come from and what religion you embrace, Malaysia has no problem with that. It's a free country with certain law that need to be respected, a new melting pot that practices its own unique way of living. We practice tolerance in every way possible without compromising the constitutional law, culture and religion.

How do we become this unique country? Well, we have learned from our history. We've been to the worst of times during the occupation of the British, the Japanese, the Communist rabels, the violent clashes between races and even the clashes of political believes. We've learned all that and we are a better society now taking into account all sensitivities that might arise. We are still learning and we are perfecting ourselves in our learning. After all, learning is a continuous process.

One of my friend blogger has shared this article recently and I would like to share it with my reader as well. It's amazes me to read this article because like my friend said, we don't even realised the situation we have created for ourselves. It all so natural to us. Well, I leave you all to read this article and surely you will be amused by it.

Now back to the slogan that has been used for next year's campaign. We used to say; "To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia". That was very true, like when you want to love a person, you need to be near to that person first then you will learn things about that person and eventually when you get to know that person love will flourish. Get what I mean? Well, never mind. The slogan was used a long time ago to lure tourist to come to Malaysia because Malaysia was not known to the world then. Now we have a new tagline used by Tourism Malaysia Promotional Board, i.e. "Malaysia truly Asia". That's a perfect way to describe Malaysia, isn't it :)

Just hope that you all enjoy my posting.


  1. liza great posting..I am glad that you are concerned about peace...take care.

  2. Oh yes you are right. I am very concern about PEACE. It's the only way to enjoy this life on earth.

    I would say; no PEACE, no HEAVEN on earth :)



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