Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's time to move on

Happy Maal Hijrah to all...

This morning I was really touched when reading this blog. Pok Ku as he’s always known in the blogging world is very wise man to me. I look up to his postings especially the ones that speak about social and general issues happening in Malaysia as he is really a person of vast experience. I really like his wisdom.

So I am ashamed that I didn’t look up to Maal Hijrah this year. It’s actually today. Now we are in the month of Muharam, year 1427 after the ‘hijrah’ of our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD. This is a very important history to Muslims as it marks the new calendar of Islam.

I almost forgot about it all together until to the very last moment last night when my mother reminded me about it. She’s fasting yesterday to welcome Awal Muharram. I feel guilty for celebrating other festivals more than I should at least appreciate and contemplate my own basic root. Well, that will change insyaallah.

Hijrah literally means moving on from one place to another. It also symbolically means moving on from bad/negative/stagnant things to better things ahead. Islam is a religion of moderation in every way but a lot of Muslims misunderstood the meaning of moderation. It’s not that we have to me a moderate society. It’s not that narrow a conception that we will not excel or progress in life. Moderation here is to be reasonable in things that we do that we must try hard for good results with less destruction. That’s what I understand of the meaning of moderation in Islam. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It’s amazing that I have welcomed three New Years; i.e. Gregorian Calendar, Chinese Calendar and Muslim Calendar. I asked my Supervisor Yoge, when is the Indian Calendar for New Year? He laughed it out and obviously he’s not so sure. So my point is, being Malaysian, we should know all these. We must never forget our roots even when we have reached modernity of living and thinking. I like the idea of modernity in our society but how we portray modernity is another thing. We need to mold our society based on our local culture, not necessarily we need to act like the westerns to be called modern.

With knowledge comes understanding
With knowledge comes unity
With knowledge comes prosperity
Then PEACE for everyone


  1. Anonymous10:44 pm

    You ni cantik lee

  2. Hahaha... ye ke? Thank you :)

  3. Comei nay cik mek Molekkk

  4. Comei nya cik meek molek

  5. Derumo,

    You're very naughty lah :)

  6. selamat tahun baru utk kita semua sebagai umat Islam... semoga tahun baru ini kita dapat berhijrah ke arah kehidupan yang lebih bermakna..



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