Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Ending

Hi everybody. Just a few hours before the countdown begin for the new year. I just can't wait to say good bye to 2005. It's such a volatile year for our economy as well as our political scenes. Let's move on to the next level and see what's in store for us in the year 2006.

I haven't used my digital camera for quite sometime now ever since I've lost the battery charger of my SONY cybershot. I've no intention to replace it just yet because I am still enamoured to play with my camera phone rather than the digital camera at the moment. Yeah, you are right, I like to pose infront of the camera. That is why you see so many of me in this blog. I got freaked out if I see unwanted changes in my body size or my complexion.

Being a woman is not always as easy as being a man. That is a statement. Hold it. We'll discuss about it some other time when I am really into it, okay.

I strongly believe that in every good beginning, there will be a good ending. So let's start everything with good intention. Make sure you all set your resolutions right and start the New Year with a positive and happy mode.

2005 is sure the most memorable year. We ended 2004 with the heaviest of hearts over the tsunami. We don’t even celebrate the coming of year 2005. And so I believe that the tsunami was some kind of omen to warn us of year 2005. It’s indeed a year full of trial and tribulation. Let me state in random some of the most significant here; the earthquake in Pakistan/India/Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina in the US, the bird flu pandemic all over the world, Bali bombing, London subway bombing, racial violence outbreak in Australia, the demise of the Pope and the demise of Malaysia’s First Lady, the rise in oil prices, the dispute over Approved Permit (AP) issue in Malaysia, Proton issues and many more. I think it’s the most testing time for all of us.

If not for the importance to end this year with the happiest mode as can be, I would have written something more serious or something real sad that we all could think about. I almost did but well I’ll keep it for next year (if time permits).

I hope all of us must always feel grateful to be living in a peaceful country. Be thankful that we have our family and the roof on our heads to protect us. If ever we are feeling down or unlucky, please think of those who have no homes, no money and no family. If ever we are not happy with our political situation, think of those countries where there is no democracy. If ever we feel sorry for ourselves, well think of those who are even in a sorrier state of affairs and surely we will think of our problems as being so small like nothing in comparison with theirs.

I know I’ve said it many times already but still I want to say it again as a happy ending;


~ The End~

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