Sunday, December 18, 2005


We are leaving year 2005 very soon. There will be lots of thinking and planning about life next year for all of us and I will definitely crack my head doing calculation of things that I have achieved and not achieved or where to head to next year. I wonder if I will be able to stop and think all those. I am overloaded with other things that sometimes I lost the count of time and suddenly we are reaching on a new year. I wish someone will understand.

I am anticipating year 2006 with great things to come. New resolutions have to be made while I need to discipline myself to keep them in check all the time. Surprisingly I am a good planner other than financial planning which I suck very much. I don’t even know how much I have in my purse that when I ran out of money completely I still go for shopping confidently. It is very inconvenient sometimes when you go to the food stalls or groceries and they don’t accept credit cards.

Reflecting the things I have done in year 2005, well it’s been an eventful year for me. I’ve recorded half of my life in 2005 in this blog. Those who follow them from the start will know it because I started this blog in June. It’s been a wonderful year for me despite of all the turmoil and tribulations. After all, life will be boring if it’s all smooth flow and sun shine.

Let me announce here that my blog is one of the best things in year 2005 for me :) How’s that? I am writing this posting and reflecting my life in 2005 at the same time.

I want to share with my very few loyal readers (I know I’m not that famous, I like it this way) and my dear friends out there who are shy and hiding from me (but I know you all read my blog, so I forgive you) of the journey that I have taken to arrive here today. Time really flies and you don’t even notice it.

Okay, in 2005, there have been some colourful events in many areas of my life. Career wise, I had made a few major decisions that have changed the whole direction of my career. It all started in early August when I quit my job with the MALAYSIAN SOCIETY FOR QUALITY IN HEALTH (MSQH), a very respectable organization dealing with hospital accreditation. I still have some fondness of the society because there I made friends with distinguished personas of the medical world and also good colleagues that until now remain my good friends. I have written many postings in the past about how I got to quit the society which I still feel deeply about. Check it out for those who had missed it. Many people told me that they like the posting and find it interesting :)

Family wise, I went through a very difficult phase of my life when my beloved father had to go for a bypass operation. He had a high blood pressure and he’s also a heavy smoker which made his recovery period longer than others. It was the most exhausting period of my life, mentally and physical. I realized how much I love my parents and how important it is to take good care of one’s parents no matter how hard it is. The episode had given my family a time to reflect our situation and we are a lot closer now than before.

From MSQH, I tried to work with another non-profit organization, i.e. PERSATUAN BENCANA ALAM NEGERI KEDAH (P-BANK), where I helped a few of my friends with promotion of a ‘Dangdut’ album for a charity cause. Some proceeds of the album will be channeled to P-BANK to be given to the natural disaster victims. It’s such a noble cause that it attracted me to do it in the first place, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Well, I was with the project halfway because I don’t have passion or patience for the entertainment world nor socializing with the so called rich and famous royalty world. I feel suffocated and trapped with rules and protocols so I leave immediately when I received an offer from TAMAN BOTANI PUTRAJAYA.

Now enough telling about work and career because I wrote so much about it already, let’s move on to other things vital to life such as love. Hahaha… just kidding. I wouldn’t want to write anything about it here. Who wants to know anyway, right?

Interestingly, apart from my busy schedule I managed to go for vacations twice earlier this year, first to Langkawi in February and then to Kuching in March. Both had been fun, memorable and special. I wish to do that more often next year.

Then also importantly, I took salsa dancing which is truly fun. The dance will make you feel sexy and beautiful like magic. That’s what I like to tell my friends who asked me to describe it. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time or the energy to practice ever since working in Putrajaya. I’ve forgotten most of the steps except for the most basics. It all goes to 1 2 3 and 5 6 7, right turn and left turn. I hope next year I will be able to pick it up again with a partner this time.

I think this is it for now. I’ve written too much already. I don’t know when my next posting will be. But I will try to write something about Christmas. Till then, have a nice and merry Christmas to my Christian friends and Happy New Year to all.



  1. its great that yr blog has been one of the greatest things for you this year. all the best for 2006!!

  2. Hi Oreos,

    Good luck to you too. I am sure that 2006 is a good year for everyone.


  3. Liza,great that you had a colorful year [2005]...carry on in whatever you are doing but do not stop blogging...take care.

  4. Anonymous4:46 pm


    The reward of a thing well done is to have done it and well done is better than well said! Wishing you fun and excitement for today,... goals and dreams for tomorrow,... and love (???!!!) and happiness forever...


  5. Pak Idrus: I will never stop blogging. Thank you Mr. Wise for all the advice I received all this year and Happy New Year to you :)

    MrZ: Thank you for all your well wishes. From your mouth to God's ears. Wish you all the best this festive season and Happy New Year 2006. I love all your words :)

  6. liza,

    semoga thn dpn lebih baik dari thn ini... ehem2... ada nasi minyak tak thn 2006 ni... :P



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