Friday, November 04, 2005


From Left: Mona, Liza & Bibi

They say best friends are forever. It holds true to me. No matter where we go and lead our saparate ways, in the end there will always be time when we will be reunited eventhough not as often. This posting is dedicated to two special person, i.e. Bibi and Mona which are one of the best things in my life. We met 14 years ago during a matriculation programme. At that time Mona's room was adjacent to mine while Bibi was always seen waiting patiently for Mona outside her door (doing her hair). They went to class together because they were classmates while I was in a different class. I never bothered to say hi to them and vice versa.

They thought I was a snob and I thought they were the snobs. Two years later, we were fated to meet again during our first year at the university, having rooms near to each other (again), we spoke and we found out how we were wrong about each other. We shared many common grounds. I was quiet because I was having a cultural shock having recently moved from Sabah just like Bibi who had just came from Sarawak. Mona is from Penang and she is the most happy-go-lucky between the three who bridged my friendship with Bibi. I was very shy at that point of time because my way of speech was very much like a Sabahan. I could not express my thoughts easily like others so I prefer to keep silence. Bibi was even worst than me, she speaks so softly like a little girl that it's very hard to understand her speech. However, she has improved a lot since becoming a teacher.

We are different in many ways, different background, different sense of style and different taste in everything. However, we do love many same things such as dressing up, perfume, crazy shopping and most of all the nature and outdoor activities. We started doing things together and we became insaparable. We laughed about it many times. How fate has played its role in meeting us together. Our friendship will surely last forever

To all of my PERBARA friends, the photo above is the latest looks of BibiMonaLiza taken a week before Hari Raya :)

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  1. SELAMAT HARI RAYA.. Have not been online for more than a week now.. and I'm back!!



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