Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hibiscus Walk

Hibiscus mutabilis (Native: China)

If you have a passion for gardening, you will want to know the name of each species and everything related to it. Especially plants with huge flower, this one as shown in the photo above surely will give pride to the garderner. This is from a hibiscus family called Hibiscus Mutabilis, originally from China. It changed colours throughout the day time. It is pure white in the morning and will dramatically changed to deep pink in the afternoon. This change is caused by exposure to the heat. If the white flowers are kept in a refrigerator, they will stay white, but when taken out, they will turn to pink. The photo above was taken around 11.00 a.m.


  1. that's a great flower pic! i wish it was still summer...

  2. Hi Hero's Cousin,

    Thank you for dropping by here. These flowers are meant for hotter climate and they flower all year round.

    We don't have the four seasons in Malaysia. All we have is hot and wet days but you can call it summer if you like :)

    I've checked your blog. Very nice background concept and cool photos.

  3. Liza, Hibiscus is not native to Malaysia, I just do not know why it has been name as our national flower...maybe you should do some research of why this flower!!!..take care.

  4. I have a question! *angkat tangan*

    Now why would anybody want to keep the hibuscus in a refrigerator anyway? Defeat the purpose of being hibiscus in the first place isn't it? (OK, that's 2 questions..)

  5. Dear Pak Idrus,

    You are right, no one knows why hibiscus was chosen as the national flower since it's not native to Malaysia. Why not the rafflesia, right? Well, okay. I will do research about it.

    At the moment, my own theory is that Rosa Sinensis or Chinese Hibiscus was chosen because it's vibrant colour; red symbolises national spirit and its five petals represents the principal of 'Rukun Negara' which is just perfect.

    Hibiscus is nicer than the rafflesia too because rafflesia smells so bad (gives negative image)and only grows in certain areas in Malaysia unlike hibiscus that grows in abundance througout the country.


    You guys really gave me a hard questions to answer :) You put hibiscus in the refrigerator just for experiment to proof the theory that it's because of the heat that makes it changed colours. People with curious mind might want to test it.

    Another reason is because, you want to preserve it for later use. Hibiscus petals can be used to enhance and darken the eyebrows in olden times. Care to give it a try?

    Okay, I've answered it all. Hope you guys will be happy now :)

  6. Salaams

    Amazing - a flower that has something in common with British holiday makers on the first day in Benidorm :-)



  7. Hahaha... Yakoub, you are funny :)

  8. OK.. Seriously.. THIS BLOG NEEDS AN UPDATE!

  9. I used to work and confront with a manufacturer who manufacturing hibiscus extract which increasing the value itself.

    i am not so sure whether we have hibiscus to be horticultured to some kind of benefit to human kind....



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