Saturday, September 24, 2005


Yang Amat Berbahagia Toh Puan Bendahara Kedah and Tuan Syed Shaharuddin Bin Syed Abdullah, the Honorary Secretary of P-BANK

From left: Shikin, Sheeda', SPM host and Haiza

It's been a fun experience working with my friend in promoting the Dangdut album 'Dang Dang Dut 3'. I've heard one of the unfinished songs by Iwan and it is great. Very refreshing and pleasant to the ears. Just wait and see.

As part of the introduction to this album and to explain how this album is meant for charity of the natural disaster in Kedah State, we have scheduled a few TV programmes for the viewers to be aware on how buying this album would help P-BANK to realised their cause. The album will be launced somewhere in November with a stylish concert by the artists and more promotions will follow later on.

I've been terribly busy with this project for the past one month arranging for the signing ceremony and then the TV programmes. It's been wonderful to be working with my own good friends and the royalties of Kedah. Apart from that, I got to see the side of me that I've never realised exist and I finally got to know what I really want in my career ever since my unemployment. It's not really the money that I want although it is equally important in my life. My income was good enough during the last employment but I chose to resign. It's not really the fame and the glamour such as in the entertainment world although I do love glamour. All I wanted is the satisfaction of seeing a work well done and the recognition that you are one of the best in what you do. Yes that's what I want. I want to be succesful in my career and known for my good work. A serious work that involves the brain not just the looks.

Therefore I've accepted a job offer somewhere in Putrajaya for good. This job will give me the opportunity to test my capability to handle people of all ranks which is fantastic. I am proud to be able to win the trust for this new job because it was a tough competition actually and I managed to get it straightaway with a win-win situation agreement that will satisfy everyone. That's what I called a real deal.

It's sad that I might not be involved with the dangdut project anymore for my new work will take most of my time. It's going to be hard to let go of something you've given so much already and especially letting your friends down. I definitely feel really bad about it already. Anyways, I will try my very best to help to make the project a success in anyway I could. I will give my full support and will promote the album to everyone that I know. Well, words of mouth is equally powerful.

In the mean time, I hope Malaysians will always support our local artists particularly dangdut and Afdlin Shaukin because he's very original and hardworking. This is very important to everyone in the entertainment industry. Give them a chance, ok :)


  1. Anything that we can work on together.. you know where to get me. I do have a few projects that might fits them.

  2. Thank you Amir. Their album will come out tentatively on the 26th November after Hari Raya. I will email you soon for further arrangement.

  3. Ye betul, support M'sian local artist yg betul2 kerja keras. Hapuskan cetak rompak, dan kurangkan membeli cd international. heheh...

    Tahniah sekali lagi di atas kerja baru !

  4. Sure... we can meet and see any possibilities that we can work on..

    Anyway, I'm looking for artistes to work on my Public Service Announcement section. See if they are interested.



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