Sunday, September 04, 2005


Remember the movie ‘I am Sam’? I’ve mentioned it a few times in here because I was impressed with Sean Pean and the little girl, Dakota Fanning plus Michele Pfeiffer; she is one of my favourite leading actress. The genre of the movie is heavy drama about the life of a retarded man called Sam, battling to get the rights of taking care of his daughter. Okay I don’t want to make a review about this movie. I am sure most of you have watched it. It was a fantastic movie if you know how to appreciate it.

Now here is another story of I am Sam. This one is a real one. I know another person by the name of Sam but he’s far from being retarded. No, this one is perfectly normal, tall and handsome; the heartthrob of every woman. However, I was not impressed yesterday.

“Hi Liza” It was Sam as usual. A surprise tone like he’s not expecting me; the moment I rushed in the lounge.

“Hi, Sam. I am here for my replacement class because I missed my class on Wednesday”. I explained to him while still rushing towards the other room, Dance Studio 2 where I always had my class. I was a little bit late. It’s already 3.35 p.m. The class was supposed to start at 3.30 p.m. Being a punctual person, I am so worried to have been late. I don’t even look at Sam. He always says hi to me no matter what.

My instructor was not in the room. I wondered why she’s not there. Then I saw her outside, I heard Sam was calling everybody to move the class to Studio 1. So I was a bit confused. Where were my classmates?

“Aisha, today is my replacement class, right? Do I have to be in Sam’s class? Not yours?” I asked my instructor and she later told me that I have to be in Sam class. She’s not teaching that day.

Oh my God, not in Sam’s class! I feared this guy ever since I joined the studio’s salsa class. We got some unspoken unpleasantness that is hard to justify and yet unsettled but it was already too late to cancel the class, so I went to Studio 1 with heavy heart.

I saw Sam was a bit uncomfortable too. I couldn’t well tune with his instructions because it’s kind of hard to follow a different instructor’s style of teaching. He’s not like Aisha who always patient and understanding. He’s the opposite and uncompromising. I made too many mistakes to his liking; not raising my arms high enough, not holding him correctly, not making a smooth spin (because I didn’t wear the dancing shoes he’s very particular about) and I don’t even remember a thing he’s been teaching me. He gave me all the unspoken signals of annoyance and disparagement. It made me even more scared of him and I made even more mistakes because I could not concentrate and remember the moves he’s teaching.

Oh God. What a day. I saw his mood getting darker by the minutes. Towards the end of the class, he’s really really pissed off and he really showed it to the rest of the class. I don’t know what’s going on with him that day. Was it me or what? I feel so damn pissed myself. I told my instructor that I thanked God he’s not my instructor. He’s so fierce. Aisha told me that he just had one of his bad moods. What! So his class has to bare his mood swings. No way am I going to dance with him again. As much as he is disappointed with the class, I am even more disappointed that he had not given enough effort to understand why the students are lousy that day.

I couldn’t learn a thing from him except that now I know he is after all SAM.

Okay it's time to get that damn shoes for next week's class.


  1. liza, dah tgk Hide n Seek tak.. Dakota punya ekspresi muka memang kelasss..

  2. Belum tengok lagilah. Nanti kita cari DVD dia. Kita memang suka budak kecik ni.

  3. Who is Sam again? (just kidding).. I lost my focus on work.. Have you seen them? (cari balik)

  4. I've been thinking of taking a salsa class since, well, forever. But considering that I leave for work at 630am, and am usually deadbeat after arriving home fr work at 10pm.... no chance of oding so soon.

    Yes, I am Sam is one of my alltime favs. I cried my eyes out through the movie. Sean Penn was brilliant! But then again, he's brilliant all the time...

  5. Hi Azyze,

    You can choose classes on Saturday or Sunday. Even on weekdays the class starts at 8.00 or 9.00 p.m., so you have ample time to go there.

    My own class is on Wednesday, 8.00 p.m.



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