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Dangdut is one of the genres of music popular in Indonesia and used to be a hit in Malaysia too, once upon a time in the era of Emelina, Iwan and Mas Idayu. It is fusion music with a touch of Hindi elements to it. It could be traditional, pop, or a combination of Latin sounds. It could be anything but Dangdut has a certain distinctive sounds to it that we all could recognise as its own.

Most people relating Dangdut to ‘gelek’ or the movement of the hip but not like the Egyptian style. It’s more rounded with certain degree given to it. Hahaha... it’s amusing that now I am researching things about dangdut for my next project.

What would you say to dangdut genre? Do you love it or do you appose to it? I remember that dangdut has always had this love and hate kind of thing among Malaysian. We have some mixed feelings towards it. Some people do not like dangdut (to the extreme of banning it totally from one particular radio station) because it was said to be a second class music. Why? Well, may be because the negative images connected to it; like it is too sexually performed, risqué lyrics and sexy clothing worn by dangdut artists itself. However, many people still love it because it is very easy to the ears, melodious and relaxing, undeniably makes you want to dance to the tune.

Whatever the opinion of dangdut is, this type of genre can not be denied. It is unique in its on way. It can only be found in two countries that is Malaysia and Indonesia (Hindi songs are different). So we have to give it a fair treatment in our musical industry. It is not right to categorise it as a second class music because there is no such thing as classes in music. Music is universal and it is subjective. We can only judge music when it became a song but not categorising it as inferior or superior. Can you say that jazz is classier than rock? Would you say R&B is superior to Hip Hop? Absolutely not! People will get angry with that kind of statement, believe me. It is incomparable. Each one has its own uniqueness. The same goes to dangdut. We can not put it into classes.

Having said all these now let me explain why I became so interested in dangdut. Hmm….. Surprise everyone. I am now into a project to promote our local once popular dangdut artists’ album for a charity cause. The album is called “Dang Dang Dut 3” to be produced and sung by the legendary Iwan himself, featuring other artists Mas Idayu, Haiza, Shikin, Sheeda’ and Anis (new singer). An MOU has been signed resently between Ewan Entertainment and Persatuan Bencana Alam Negeri Kedah (P-BANK) to raise fund for natural disaster in Kedah State.

I would not want to elaborate on this just yet because it is very new and I am not really in firm decission to be involved. There has been some mix feelings of how I would be able to adjust to all the changes around me. Being an Ox, I am so at a routine, I have too strong a character for people to handle and it goes both ways. Usually I will not be happy to commit myself into any project without knowing clearly all the consequences of my involvement in all areas concerned (fussy isn't it). I will not be able to function smoothly if I didn't get the things cleared beforehand. So may be by next week I will make that important decission to be fair to everyone.

Okay, for the time being, I just want you all to know that, Dangdut is making a comeback no matter what. I am not promoting dangdut personally. I have to admit that I am not a fan to dangdut before this project, but I am willing to give it a try to show my support to our local talents. The time has come for our musical industry to be taken seriously. Give more space to other genres of musics, be more original in our creativity and innovative to the extend that other countries would want to hear to our music not just us listening to them.

Photos above was the signing ceremony at the Hilton Hotel recently. Not all the artists were present, only Iwan, Mas Idayu, Haiza, Sheeda' and Anis. Shikin was absent because of a show in Sarawak. You will hear more about this later on. Till then..... please comment on this.


  1. liza, hang kena pandai gelek 360 darjah sblm promote dangdut..

  2. No music is superior to another, but you can safely say Dangdut is under the same group as Hip Hop, raggae or even hindi.. it came from the street and from the everyday people..

    As quoted in a song title of an Indonesian band 'Projek Pop'

    "Dangdut is the music of my country"

  3. i thnk dangdut is allright, as long as it's not to OTT. i personally like our malay dangdut lots - amelina, mas idayu.

    malaysian dangdut is quite decent, very light. not to say that indonesian dangdut is too raunchy - it's juts that theirs are more in the face.

    there is a possibility that dangdut will revive, but you'd have to do some extreme promotions la.

    amir - the projek pop vid is totally hilarious! i loved every bit of it. I wonder if we can ever make a vid like that.

    "ghazal/boria/makyong is the music of my country" anyone?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. azyze gomez : yup, it is hillarious. IN a way, projek POP is kinda like senario for Indo..

    and yes, nothing is impossible, we can have such video in Malaysia. All we need, are some crazy ideas and witty minds.. and we're all set for it.

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  7. Hi everyone,

    I've been neglecting my blog for quite awhile now. Have been very busy lately. Thank you for you comments about dangdut.

    Sue, Azyze and Amir, thank you for your good comments. Sue I bolehlah gelek sikit-sikit, tapi malu nak buat depan orang. Kalau salsa boleh buat, gelek is nothing lah :)

    Indeed dangdut can be categorise as people's music, the music of our country. That is very true and one of the reason why P-BANK a non-profit organisation established by the royalties of Kedah have chosen dangdut for their good cause is because they love dangdut very much.

    I hope everyone will support the coming album and at the same time we are doing good for those suffered from natural disaster in Kedah. Why Kedah, well because Kedah has gone through more natural disasters compared to other states especially the tsunami.

    Once again, thank you everyone.

  8. Tachapol7:59 pm

    wow!!surprise.I'm waiting so long for coming of a new album of malay dangdut artist.I'm not malay but I like dangdut since I ever heard a year before when I was in sounthern Thailand,dangdut also popular among people there.

  9. Tachapol8:54 pm

    I really want to join with you dangdut group somuch cause I'm crazy in dangdut so much but now I'm in Bangkok,Thailand.CD or casset dangdut are not available here,so i try to collect from shopping online on the internet but it very expensive cause of delivery fee.Umm so serious.I can sing dangdut in malays,I think not difficul following singer sing but I don't get the meaning at all cause I can't speak malays.Now I start to learn bahasa malay with my guru dari indonesia infact dia bukan orang guru but he is a master degree international student at my university since I met two years ago I try to learn malayu and speak in bahasa malay and now i can speak a little "buleh sikit" .Now I'm 22 years old studying university in bangkok Thailand in business majors,I've got a dream to be a dangdut singer as Iwan,(If possible)I try more and more but now I can't make my dream come true cause I don't have chance.Can I join with your group,Iwan??Can I be a dangdut singer,Iwan?I can dance,I can sing,and I can do performance as well.I hope god will give me a chance.
    selamat bulan ramadal.
    yang muslim berpuasa.
    Terima kasih kepadatuhan yang bawakan saya rahmat dalam bulan ini.
    Terimakasih....Dari Tachapol,Thailand.
    you can join with me and talking together.

  10. kalu ade sape2 yg simpan lagu iwan dangdut mase die masih nyanyi lagu2 pop dulu, era pertengahan 90an la..pls share with


  11. kalu ade sape2 yg simpan lagu iwan dangdut mase die masih nyanyi lagu2 pop dulu, era pertengahan 90an la..pls share with




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