Monday, August 22, 2005


A good friend of mine used to tease me about the cliché ‘you are what you eat’ in one of my posting, ‘Can Asean be Taller?’. He said surely Asian women are interesting because Asean cuisines are interestingly tasteful. Hahaha… I have to admit that he has a point there. Most probably you are right, Alex. You should tell me one day how far this is true to you.

I always believe in the cliché looking at the perspectives of our own well being. In fact I always promoted it to all my friends so that they will watch their eating behaviour. Whatever goes in the body will reflect you as a whole. For instance if you like food with high contain of cholesterol such as red meat, cheese, crème or durians (king of all fruits) as a few examples here, you will probably be an obese adult. If you like white meat, lots of vegetables or low fat everything, for sure you are a slim adult. My point here is not to say that big is wrong and small is right. You have to choose which type of diet suit you best. It’s okay as long as it makes you happy. Well, what’s the point of living if you are not enjoying it, right?

Some food has medicinal values if eaten at a regular basis. For examples, the Malays believe that eating ‘ulam’ (certain plants that are eaten raw) will slow down the ageing process, gives good complexion, lower down cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood, improve blood circulation and good for your bowel movements. Ulam can be categorised into leafs, beans and fruits. It is called ulam as long as you can eat it raw.

Examples of leaf based ulam are Ulam Raja, Ulam Pegaga, Ulam Pucuk Gajus and many more. It’s endless for me to name all. These are only a few names that I am familiar of. Examples of bean and fruit based ulam are Kerdas, Petai, Jering, Kacang Botor and Kacang Panjang. I don’t know that many because I can only eat a few. My favourites are Kacang Botor, Kacang Panjang and Kerdas (it’s so crunchy) eaten with Sambal Belacan (chillies compounded with shrimp paste, salt, sugar and a little bit of lime juice) and small amount of rice. However, these vegetations can only be found in Asean regions.

Simply said, ulam is like another version of salads as known in the west.

Now the real reason I am writing this topic is because of the recent incident in Malaysia. A tiger cub was saved from being cooked for aphrodisiacal and medicinal values. What! Are you kidding me!

Yup, here in Malaysia and most Asean countries, we have this bunch of crazy people who like to eat so called exotic food. The market is quite lucrative; therefore more people are involved in this business in Malaysia. They are willing to go to great extend to fulfil the demand for exotic food in regardless of the enforced law not to kill extinct animals here.

I wonder why people want to eat something that is out of the ordinary; like eating cats and dogs, like eating tigers, like eating placenta (taken from hospitals after one has given birth) and like eating dead embryos/little babies. Ewww…… God knows what else. Have you ever heard of that? Well I did. It’s very disgusting! Human being is putting themselves into the rank of animals that do not have a big enough brain to think of the rights and wrongs even in choosing of the food to eat.

Be reminded that whatever you eat will reflect you as a person. For instance, if you eat exotic food that is out of ordinary, the public will not think highly of you. Some people will look at you disgustingly. Well, I would. You are lowering yourselves in the stratum of society.

The cliché, ‘you are what you eat’, literally translated; if you eat tiger, you will be fierce and strong like a tiger. If you eat cats and dogs, you will get restless cause cats and dogs like to fight. Using the same cliché, everybody must not eat chicken for you will be a chicken freak. Uppsss….. Don’t eat frogs for you will be jumping like the crazy frog (you know like that annoying song of the Crazy Frog). Last but not least, don’t eat pork because you will be diseased like an ugly....?

Sorry guys. I’m just joking. Now I understand why some people chose to be a vegetarian. Really….

Okay lah… I promote everybody to eat fish. It’s the best, less cholesterol, easy to find and may be later you could swim like a fish. Wow, I really want that :)

Now I’m serious, the truth is not as simple as that. That is not how you translate it. We are built more complex than any other creatures on earth (that is if you believe in God). Food helps if it is scientifically proven to have the right enzymes, vitamins and minerals complex. There are a lot of other ways to get boost up than the exotic, almost extinct animals or eating freaky food like dead babies.

In my dictionary, freaky food includes cats, dogs, human beings, insects, worms, any type of almost extinctive animals and any type of dirty or ugly things. There are lots of other nutritious varieties to choose from like ‘ulam’, so stop looking for the impossible.



  1. yes, some people love to try exotic ones... i do love the fresh & exotic fruit not those animals. It reminds me of guanabana (durian belanda). Cant find a fresh one here.

    I have to cut my crave for lambs esp kebab... i start to love salmon but when I was a child i only take 'ikan selar kuning & ikan kembung only.

  2. Well Liza, here I am posting a comment on your Exotic Blog! :)

    In my expert opinion :)
    Asian women do taste better! :)
    Why? AH! That is the Million Dollar question! :)

    Is it because they eat exotic food? OR Because they are the Exotic food? :)

    I will definitely let you know when I figure out this connundrum after doing extensive research! :) LOL

  3. SK - Hi SK, I pun suka durian belanda (ada orang panggil sour sop). Kat rumah I ada tanam yang hybrid dgn buah Nona, so the fruits are even more exotic looking but taste like soursop. When I was a child I don't like to eat fish. Most of the times I ate lots of eggs and only loves ikan with lots of bones (ikan parang,ikan tamban and ikan terubuk). But now in my adulthood, I like all types of fish because of it's healthcare values :)

    Alex - Hi Alex, so glad that you are leaving you comment here. Hahaha... you are funny as always. Yes you are right, having an Asean girlfriend will cost you a lot because you have to travel very far just to meet her. Well, I wonder when are you going to come over. Hmm....? Dare to take the risk? Just kidding :)

  4. Anonymous4:22 pm

    hi liza,

    your epsilon-mate here. enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Hi Epsilon-mate,

    Siapakah di sana? Could you please identify yourself, siapa? I am so curious lah. Long time no hear from anyone of my epsilon friends. Rindunya.... I'm glad that you are enjoying my blog :) Thank you dear.

  6. my chinese friend pernah cerita yang dia pernah tengok orang makan monyet kat sarawak. eewwww... tautak macamana diorg makan ? monyet tu akan diambil dan secara hidup2 dipotong bahagian kepala (mcm belah dua buah kelapa) dan diletakkan arak dalam otak monyet tu. pastu diorg akan makan mentah2... loya kan?

  7. Heee... cruel! Orang yang bersikap keperibinatangan dan tak berperikemanusian.



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