Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Relaxing Your Mind

Oh my God, some people just didn't get it. Okay, I will not write anything about Akademi Fantasia or Mawi. Obviously they think I am obsessed with this thing. Well let me announce here loud and clear, I am not a fanatic, never voted for AF (just enjoying watching it with my mother) and am not going to lose my mind over Mawi (I will follow the progress of his career).

One of my greatest belief and philosophy is to balance all things in life (some of you will understand this). All things mean, spiritual, mental and physical. I like to study culture, history, politics, psychology, theology and other things to make me sane but I also believe that in order to stay healthy a person needs to exercise their active mind with physical activities such as excercising (dancing, gardening, jogging or whatever). Physical exercise will improve blood circulation and therefore makes you think better as well as releasing your tensed muscles; makes you more agile and the bonus is it gives sexier body and better postures :)

Okay, my point is , it is okay to relax once in awhile doing stupid things like watching TV, enjoying ourselves sily or admiring someone from afar and got jilted in the end (hahaha...). It's normal. It's what makes us human. It does not mean that you are forgetting things like your responsibility to help unfortunate people (not just during ramadhan, dear), your responsibility to be a good citizen (give donations, pay your dues, taxes, traffic summons, zakat and know your minister's names) and whatever it is that you must do. At least I don't forget that, hope others too.

I noticed that sometimes we like to see things in a negative perspectives. We judged people easily from what we see on the surface. This is part of regression and stunting the mental capabilities. Negative things will translate into our daily lives if we are not careful. I learned this from my own experience. Starting from your face expression to your silent thoughts and actions, whatever negative things related to it will vibrate into real life. Nothing good will come out of it (wow, I used this words often). I don't want to explain further on this. Some people will think that I am being snobbish and know best. Well, nobody is perfect. I am just sharing some of my limited knowledge to you out there (whomever kind enough to read my blog, that is).

Now enough mumbling. The conclusion is there are opportunities out there for us to take, new things to explore and pleasures everywhere to choose from (but choose wisely). Life will be beautiful if we think positively and think ourselves beautiful. I am feeling beautiful today and smiling all day. What a wonderful life (as long as it will last).

Thank you everybody for reading this blog. Thank you all my ex-colleagues for the wonderful gifts (earings and neclace - so beautiful), thank you for all your support (only God knows how to repay you all) and thank you for the delicious cake (Blueberry Cheese Cake, my favourite).

I will miss you all too. Mmuahh...!!!!


  1. apsal liza.. ada dpt sms layang ke.. hehe..

    bagi kita, apa yg awak tulis adalah pendapat diri awak sendiri. dan mereka yg membaca patut respek pada apa yg awak tulis.. this is your blog ! this is your house !

  2. liza..

    wow blueberry cake. looks so delicious.

    I never write that comment as a personal attack to anyone (never said anyone did spend on sms etc). I have no problem with peple blogging abt MAWI or AF (in fact, i learn something) but i was so sad to see so much is wasted for entertaintment. my blogger friend told me, kat kedai jual prepaid pun prepaid abis.. i jush wish the same people will also generously contribute generously for the good cause(of course it doesnt have to ramadan, it is just an example since in ramadhan people tend to be more generous to get more fadhilat).

    Yes it is wrong tyo see things in negative perspective but i hope if we do something biarlah berpadan2 like what abt tun M said when he comment abt AF.

    Again, thanks for sharing yr thoughts.


  3. cake......... really delicious!!!!!
    Blueberry Cheese Cake...... Everybody love it!!!!..... Pandai nana pilih kan..... he... hee.. he...

  4. Hi SK,
    Thank you for being my loyal reader. It's a good thing that we have friends to remind us on things we sometimes overlooked. I welcome all your good comments.

    Nana - you always know what I like and what I don't like. Good instinct my dear. Mmmm.... so yummy!

    Sue - takde apa sebenarnya cuma kecil hati bila orang ingat Liza ni simple minded.



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