Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Planning and Preparation

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success ~ Henry Ford.

I’m still counting days now. It’s another four working days to go before I could be set free to begin another journey in my life. I anticipated this one because I know it will lead me to something that I am going to like.

Actually my decision to resign was not made foolishly. I have planned the possibilities carefully a few months back, taking into consideration of the many consequences of my action. I made sure I have enough resources to survive and I made sure I have a back up support income no matter how small to keep me productive and out of boredom. Being an active person, I would die if I have nothing to do.

My first implemented action was I bought a new laptop (yeah I finally bought one to mobilize myself), I bought a brand new printer (thank you Sue, love you) and I dramatized my unemployment to as many people as I could (haha… thanks to my experience in advertising and marketing). Well, I’ve invested so much to set up my own office at home (have to forget buying a new car until later when I am more financially secured).

One thing that is not settled at the moment is my telephone line at home. I don’t have any at the moment (everybody is using mobile phone) because my father built the house on a piece of land too far away from civilisation. I contacted Telekom so many times with the same answer that they will not provide me with the service because my house needs four more cable poles to be able to connect. What! Why can’t you just plant the pole over there? They answered that they will not plant any more poles anytime soon because it is only one house. It will be very costly.

I am not satisfied with the answer. I need the fix line at home to be able to connect with the internet. At the moment I have to settle with the hotspot wireless service and free internet at the Starbucks. It’s way too inconvenient. I told my father that I will not want to stay with them any longer if I don’t have internet connection. It’s like a threat to leave the house (my parents hate that excuse). Poor Abah, today he tried his very best to contact his friend in the Telekom to help me with the matter. They suggested that I use their wireless service. Well, thank God that they have one. The customer service told me earlier that they can’t do it in my area. Then why this person is telling me differently. I just don’t know yet. My father told me they will call me soon to inform me the details.


You know what; a lot of people are not surprised with me. If I wanted something, I will work hard to get it. I’ll move the mountains if I have to. Nothing comes easily in this world. I have reached another turning point in my life which will make me a better person and it is a good thing for me because I think faster when I am in trouble. I would say it’s fated. The thing will eventually happen sooner or later and now I have a good reason to do it.

A rebellious person like me won’t be suited to work under people’s supervision. That is why I never worked with any company longer than three years. There were always reasons to make me want to leave.

First, I don’t like office politics. I don’t care who wants to win or lose, I just do my own thing and excel by my own hard work. Along the way, it didn’t work that way. You have to know the politics and play along with it to climb the corporate ladder. They say you just have to shape up or ship out. It has a lot of other meaning than meets the eyes.

Secondly, I am very opinionated (yes you are right). I was not afraid to say what was in my mind. I have opinion almost on everything (but I sealed my mouth now). Some people just hate it when you know so much. So the rules are not to show that you know so much and never challenge your superiors. When stating your opinions or ideas, you have to suggest it like it was from him/her, not originally from you and give all the credit to them (God, I can scream).

Thirdly, I am too straight. I am too honest with my work. I never cornered and I never lied to my superior to protect my back. I reported my mistakes and took full responsibility to it including the ones done by others. What a naive little girl I was (but this naïve act built strong friendships).

And many countless mistakes that I will not want to bore my self writing in here. One more thing; I don’t practice what I preach especially this work thing :) You just have to learn by your own mistakes, as simple as that.


Life is not so bad for me. Actually I am enjoying it better than before. I have new hobby that is blogging, and I have my salsa dancing to fill up my free time. I will start working soon next week in my own sweet time too. No permanent job for me at the moment. I can’t believe that working freelance will attract so many people to you. I should have done it a long time ago :)


  1. Liza, the world is now divided into two world, the third world and the first world...We have both world in this country...if you live outside KL or the Kelang valley, you are actually living in the third world...I would suggest that you live in the first world, where the culture is just like those in the west...remember there are no broadband in the third world and the mindset of all those people is still the third world mindset...the internet is another world and if you miss cyberspace you actually miss a new and wonderful media,so full of information and knowledge, so I would suggest you live in the first world...if you want to enjoy life...take care.

  2. Dear Pak Idrus,

    Thank you for your concern. I am actually living in the 1st world, never the 3rd world, don't you worry about that :) Our house story is a bit complicated for me to explain here. When I said it was far from civilization, I was over dramatising it. My house is only about 26 km to KL centre. Nevertheless, I hardly spend time at home (home is like a place to sleep and rest when I am too tired). I could've moved out if I want to but being a pampered person all my life, I just don't know how to be independent like living alone (hate empty spaces and afraid of the dark type). May be one day I would move out when I've found the right partner who'll always be there by my side :)

  3. Sanggupkah anda jadi anak durhaka hanya sebab tak de line phone....kui kui kui.....guna hp pon can get connected apa...

  4. Nazi,

    Kenapa share blog ramai-ramai, tak syok lah macam tu. Nak baca your own blog lah.

    I bukannya bermaksud nak menderhaka. Simpang malaikat 44. I sayangkan my parents more than anything else; the reason why I am still with them. But sooner or later it can't be avoided, I might still be single for the rest of my life and I don't see the point of staying with them till the end of my time.

    You should know this better, you pun bukannya tinggal dengan emak you kan :)



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