Saturday, August 27, 2005


Mary & Christina

I've decided to go out on Friday night with my good friend Christina (or Chris). We were invited by Mary (lead guitarist of Candy rock band- remember the group from Sarawak?) to the openning of her friend's new pub called 'The Wall' located somewhere near the Petaling Street area.

Mary and her husband, Nicholas waited for us at the Bangsar Shopping Centre so that we could all go together. We were supposed to meet up with another of Mary's friend who knew the place, but since we were already late, they had already gone. Among the four of us, I was the only one who knew how to get to Petaling Street, so we all decided to pool in my car.

We were lucky to get there without any hitched :) Usually I am so lousy with directions, we could have been lost for hours. But that night, everything went so smoothly. The place was easy to find because there aren't many pubs in Petaling Street area. We detected the place from the overflowed crowd outside and most definitely there were lots of Mat Salleh since the owner is also a Mat Salleh guy. He has been staying in Malaysia for quite some time so he tried speaking Bahasa Malaysia with me. Not bad at all :)
Well, the pub is basically like any other pub with live band. They played classic rock and occationally modern rock. The crowd was fantastic. Every nooks and corners were filled up with people of all races. Just perfect! It was congested but hey well, it's the openning night and everybody was showing their support.


  1. Liza, Lobby bar and pub were some of our favourite watering hole in those great days...we had great times and enjoy those great moment with the love one...Enjoy when the sun is still shinning...


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