Monday, August 08, 2005

From Kampong Boy to Stardom

Malaysian especially the Malays and Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak were at home or neighbours’/relatives’ home to watch Akademi Fantasia. It’s the most glorious night of all nights because what was predicted earlier by many has become a reality. A big win for MAWI! It was a fantastic winning for the Best Vocal, the Best Performance and the winner of all like never before seen in the Malaysian music industry.

Well I think most Malaysian who had watched Mawi on Saturday night would agree that he deserved to win. He has done a fantastic job and has shown a real effort to improve himself in many aspects of becoming a good singer and performer. This phenomenon will not be seen often in our music industry because all this while it has been dominated by Siti Nurhaliza. I am glad that we have finally found a new male singer as good as him to balance the big flow of female singers nowadays.

A big applause to Astro as well for using the great occasion on Saturday night to deliver the anti drugs campaign slogan in line with the government concern. This has shown that Astro is aware of the important role it plays in influencing the viewers especially the youngsters. I like it when they asked Mawi to read the message from the Deputy Prime Minister, Y. Bhg. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and hails the anti drugs slogan, i.e. “Belia Benci Dadah!” (translated to ‘Youngsters Hate Drugs!’ or simply ‘We Hate Drugs!’). It’s very commendable. Well done to Astro.

I know some of you out there just hate it whenever I write about Akademi Fantasia, like I don’t have anything of great value to write. Well I just don’t care, because I know who I am. I am supporting the local musical industry so that more Malaysian will too.

I hope one day we will appreciate our local talents more than relying so much on the western cultures. This is the first time in my life that I ever like a Malay singer like this. I think it’s a good start for me and why not spread it to others too.

This is Liza, signing off :)



    Derumo 95.0 %
    TV Idiot 3.0 %
    Azzit 2.0 %

  2. Well I know you are one of those people who are opposed to AF. It's okay. I think Derumo is interesting in his cynical ways :)

  3. Liza, to me AF is a good program, it should be look at as a means to an end and not the end itself...The training that those fortunate few get are treasure that they would never would get for free..the program actually would open then mind to the reality of the entertainments world. I do not believe that the winner, like Mawi would make it in the entertainment world, for he has no package, the young lady, Amelya, would actually go very far and succeed as an entertainer...I was the Director of the Promotion and Development of Culture, I know a talent when I see one...take care.

  4. Dear Pak Idrus,

    I don't agree when you said that Mawi can't make it in the entertainment world because he has no package because I think he has all the ingredients needed to be a successful entertainer or may be a public figure; looks, voice, personality and appearence. Otherwise he wouldn't be chosen as a big winner. It's people's choice that counts not the professionals'. The only thing is that he needs more exposure, good guidance and practice just like Siti Nurhaliza when she first started as a Kampong Girl. Just look where she is now. I think Mawi deserves to be given a chance.

    Another thing; I also support the other AF3 students especially Felix, Marsha and Amylea. They are no doubt among the finest.

  5. Mawi memang best malam tu. Kita bukannya fanatik Mawi tapi entah kenapa aura Mawi tu membuatkan kita tidur mimpikan Mawi pada malam kemenangannya. Hehe...

    Tapi utk AFVOKAL dan AFBAIK, rasanya tak sepatutnya dibolot oleh Mawi seorang. Kita rasa Amylea layak untuk kedua2 kategori itu berdasarkan pada vokal dan persembahan yang dia berikan pada malam tersebut. Tapi seperti kata Mawi, rezeki tu telah ditentukan olehNya.

  6. Liza:

    Let me share with you something abt is a brand name of expensive handbags that I found when I was in Selfridges London abt 2 weeks ago.

    I just hope the same people can at least donate half of the same amount they spent to vote for AF in the coming Ramadhan to contribute for charity.




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