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Akademi Fantasia (Astro Ria, Channel 4) , Malaysian Idol (8TV) and Mentor (a new one at TV3); they are the reality singing shows now hot in Malaysia. I sometimes watched these shows in the spirit of supporting my mother. She likes it when the family are all together watching it with her. Well can’t blame her, it’s not easy being a full time housewife with little entertainment. Thanks to all this good shows on TV. It keeps her happy and believe it or not, it’s positively uniting us.

I’m talking about these reality singing shows because my mother are enjoying it so much and so do I. It’s not disappointing to know that Malaysia has so many young talented singers and it’s a good development to have new generation of singers giving variety in the Malaysian musical industry.

Akademi Fantasia

Akademi Fantasi is rated the most popular in Malaysia originally modelled after Mexico’s La Academia
. This show is about an everyday life of a group of student in an academy learning to become singers/performers. Every Saturday there will be a concert whereby they have to sing a given song and one of them will be voted out based on the sms’ results from viewers.

This third season has shown some improvements in terms of selection of students. Most of them can already sing and a good performer. However, the most amazing thing is the phenomena of Mawi or Tsumawi. He had the most votes each week with clear path to be the winner in regardless of what the minority of people out there are saying that he lacks musical skill therefore not to be called talented. I’m saying this because I’m crazy about him :) PEACE…

Who is watching: Mostly watched by the Malays with Astro Channels (paid TV Station). Chinese and Indian have their own channels therefore they don’t watch this one.

Malaysian Idol

Malaysian Idol is similar like the American Idol which has recently ended its fourth season. Malaysia just started its second season. This reality show is modelled after the Britain’s Pop Idol
. The first Malaysian Idol was won by Jaclyn Victor (or simply Jac) with easy winning because from the very beginning, no real competition for her. She’s a fantastic singer, better than Fantasia Barino, believe me. My favourite American Idol stars are Kelly Clarkson and Bo Bice but not strong enough to make me want to buy their albums though.

Pada Ahad lepas, dua orang yang diundi keluar telah menyebabkan kemarahan Roslan Aziz:
“Malaysian voters wake up! The one you’ve voted out today are the best singers! Please don’t do this!”

Then Gee said, “You know they are one of the best singers (she’s crying)”.

And Paul didn’t say anything much, being his usual indifferent self.

Biasalah pengundi di Malaysia memang macam ni. Selalunya yang cantik and comel tu mesti dapat undi lebih walaupun memang sah tak boleh menyanyi. Ini mungkin kerana pada peringkat awal seperti ini, pengundi masih tercari-cari siapa yang patut mereka undi. Mereka tidak menilai bakat yang sebenar tetapi luaran di ambil kita termasuklah nak sokong bangsa masing-masing. Mungkin selepas ini, pengundi akan lebih bijak mengundi untuk mereka yang lebih layak bergelar idol.

Well obviously Malaysian voters are not being fair this time to the dismay of the judges. They choose the cutest and most handsome contestants, not seeing their real talent for singing. The ones voted out was a big-size girl named Trish and the other one was a lady (I forgot her name). I have no more comment for this show.

Who is watching: All races in Malaysia are watching (free TV channel) depending on who’s into the final 12. It is the only show in Malaysia that has the capability to attract non-Malay viewers. Well done 8TV.


is a new show created by TV3 (one of the free channels). I think it is more interesting to watch because it has the element of professionalism and quality in a good mix, different from AF3 and Malaysian Idol. I can see that it will gain popularity soon.

Technically this show is about protégés and mentors relationship. The protégés got to choose their mentor and then learn as much as they can from them. Mentors are chosen by TV3 among the best singers and performers in Malaysia, i.e. Hattan, Liza Hanim, Ning Baizura, Nora, Noraniza Idris, Siti Nurhaliza, Cat Ruffedge, and Zainal Abidin.

In my opinion it’s a good show because you could really see the difference when the contestants were in their first week towards the end. They improved a lot week by week. Applause to all the mentors for sharing their experiences, resources and opportunity to teach vocals, giving them a little bit of a glamour world and lots more. Comparing to AF and Malaysian Idol, all the protégés are lucky to get one to one coaching. Some mentors already promised to take their protégé into their wings to help them producing an album no matter if they win or lose.

It’s amazing and worth watching.

Who is watching: The Malays because there are no non-Malay protégés and non-Malay Mentors.


  1. kalau dibandingkan ketiga2 tu, kita tetap suka AF!

    mawi world!

  2. Academy Fantasia has become another interesting reality programme... But the voting through sms seems to be reflecting of practice of “money politics” in the arts and music. If you have money, you can have the power (politics) to sustain the student of your choice in the Academy. Thats how the many sabahan students stays on e.g. Mas in AF2.It is like voting for the wakil rakyat or for that matter perwakilan parti who is popular even though mediocre in their performance will sustain long in the party until the disciplinary committee take serious action. The whole objective is to make money via sms, more advertisement in the TV, and the winner of the whole system is with the most vote. In the case of Akademi Fantasia, it follows the American presidential system – the most voted candidate in the Electoral College will emerge as the President even though he is a former film star like Ronald Regan or Eric Estrada or MG Ramachandran. What is the common feature of these presidents – they have almost the same hair style.( simplified version of Elvis Presley = Iblis Fleshly)

  3. Alamak..... namanya pun 'entertainment'........ paham2 jer lah..... people want to have fun...... its ok...... pucuk pangkalnya.... tepuk dada tanya selera.... kalau nak vote..... vote lah kan.... kalau tak mo..... duk & enjoy the show jer lah....

    We want peace!!!!!!!!!.......

    tak sumer bende 100% perfect.....

    Mas dulu bertahan bukan because of money politic rasanya.... dia tu dapat undian kecian rasanya.... sebab dia tu single mother with 2 children..... masa concert ke2..... ASTRO ada buat surprise dgn membawa anak2 dia ke pentas..... Masa tu....... Mmg ramai yang nangis tau.....

    lagi satu Sabahan voice's mmg best laaa......


  4. Sue - yes Mawi World!

    Derumo - Thank you for visiting here. Answering to your comment, I think everybody knows how the sms system is working. They know it's how Astro and telecommunication providers are making money. The way of the economy, we help each other that way. Advertising is not all that bad (I've been in the industry itself to understand), it helps the economy grow dear. If it's people's choice, I don't see anything is wrong in it.

    Money politics (if there is any), is of course bad but hey, it's safe entertainment for all. The fun to watch when it's controversy going on is even better. What harm can it do to us. After all life has never been fair to anyone.

    Another comment about Ronald Regan, Eric Estrada or MG Ramachandran; they were people's people chosen by the people. In fact these people had inspired many in their respective countries that nothing is impossible if you have the will to change your fate. I think it is commendable no matter what their hair style was.

    Nana - Thank you sayang. I grew up in Sabah and I might be a bit bias :)

  5. i'm sure the 2nd season would be more diverse! :)

    p/s - does it make a difference if the host is mixed? hehehe

  6. Hi JFK, I watched Mentor last night. Not surprised to see Pija won the first place.

    I hope to see a better presentation for next season. The concept is already good, but need a lot of improvement in terms of deliverance and performance (wish you all have chosen a better venue than TV3 compound). Not as smooth as AF or Malaysian Idol but as a whole, it's not bad.



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