Thursday, July 07, 2005


I m d 1 4 u n u r d 1 I 1

Try saying it out loud. What do you get?

“I am the one for you and you are the one I want” – Lovely! 13 words

That’s what you get. I got it from TraxxFM. Again an interesting contest on who could form the longest sentence using one letter to form one word. This one has won.

Stop Trying

“Please don’t even bother with me….. Get away… get away from me”. I feel like screaming it out, but this is only in my head. Someone in the office makes me want to puke.

Another one is “Okay, change partner!”, ordered the beautiful teacher with her eyes rolling. What a relieved.
She saved me from him. He’s hopeless, he’s dangerous.

Dancing with him could be ‘DANGEROUS’.


Orang yang tamak selalu rugi.
~Malay Proverb~

Greed will cause pain.
~Taiwanese Proverb~

Greed lessens what is gathered.
~Arabian Proverb~

If you ask for too much at once, you will come home with an empty bag.
~Croatian Proverb~

Big mouthfuls often choke.
~Italian Proverb~

No matter where you look, all the wisdom is this world will say almost the same thing. Greed is not good. Nothing good can come out from being greedy. Got it!

This is supposed to be a message for my business partner. Well, sad that he won’t be able to read this.

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