Thursday, July 21, 2005


I am tired of being tired and I am bored of being bored. I must do something about it. I am unemployed, so what! I won’t let my unemployment ruin my life for long. This is my choice, nobody forces me. I am responsible for my own action. I am done with thinking and I am done with this non-profit organisation. It’s time to move on and put my plans into action.

During my long period of solitude and so called soul searching, I realised about a lot of things. I am more aware of my personal problems, my own ability and self worth. I’ve told a few of my friends that I don’t want to think so much about finding a new job. I don’t know why my instincts are telling me not to worry. I don’t even care that the unemployment rate in Malaysia are at a critical stage. I am not a fresh graduate; hence I believe that I am in a different category all together.

Yesterday I ask my dear friend to send me a copy of a TV drama script. I told him that I am going to be a script writer and the good thing is he didn’t laugh at me. Instead he supported me and encouraged me even more. I love him for that. In times like this you are happy to have friends around you and you realise the true value of quality friendship. I am so blessed.

I have thought of doing freelancing job on writing and designing. This has always been my side income anyway. Only that I don’t do it seriously. Now is the time to think of doing it more often; to take my talent into the next level. It will take sometimes to polish the skill but who knows one day I could be famous. Ha ha ha…. Just kidding.

Here is what I have read:

If you would have love,
Give love.

If ye would have friends,
Be friendly.

If ye would have mercy,
Be merciful.

If ye would have beauty,
Make your world beautiful for others,

For this is the law, not just a good thing,
But a LAW.

~Edgar Cayce~

This is very true. Like the cliché:

Whatever goes around, comes around


  1. Anonymous6:29 pm


    That's cool. All the best to u.

    After all, we are lack of good drama scripts in Msian entertaintent industry. asyik2 dok citer Yusof Haslam and Badul aje..


  2. Liza making a living is not just being employed by others only...there are other your own boss, start something small from your home base...with your brain..I am sure you would find mean and ways to keep the breads coming...take care.

  3. Yeah I think it's cool too :)

    Thank you SK and Pak Idrus. It's nice to know that both of you are supporting me and believing in me. I am truly touched.

    I know that if I have the courage and the will to want something bad enough, I could get almost anything in this world. May be this is another turning point in my life and I am looking forward to what interesting things life may bring me.

    My sincere gratitude and appreciation to all.

  4. Teruskan usaha awak! Tak sabar rasanya nak tonton hasil nukilan awak di layar.



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