Saturday, July 30, 2005

My Farewell Party

I was caught by surprise not knowing that my colleagues were actually held a farewell lunch for me and the former administrators (two of them but one didn’t turn up). I thought it was a normal lunch as part of our hospitality to our affiliate consultant and his wife from Australia. I was really shocked when towards the end of the lunch, the dreaded doctor announced my resignation in front of all the guests. He thanked me properly for my contributions in two years working with the organisation. The most surprising yet was he apologised openly to me; like whatever happened in the past, he would like to apologise and blah blah blah…. He said I would always be welcomed to come back working with the organisation (Hah! Dream on). He knows I would be soft and polite with everybody watching my every acts and emotions especially when there were also guests present. I was not ready for that. I was speechless of the unexpected and touched by the good thoughts of everyone. I really can’t think straight.

So I made my impromptu speech (don’t even have enough time to think of what to say to them). I was deeply touched and softened (hate it), so I began with thanking everybody for holding the lunch, thanking the organisation for giving me great experience and finally thanking everybody for the colourful memories I had with them. I had no choice but to accept the apology and with heavy heart telling the evil doctor that I won’t keep it in my heart (yikes!!!). Well everybody was happy in the end. What a great speech :) but I still have ill feelings towards this pretentious doctor (so much to stay professional).

I resigned because of him! How could I forgive him easily? I hate myself and the impromptu.


I am watching the BBC News when I write this. The London Police has captured three suspected failed suicide bombers. So much fuss about how they managed to capture two of the suspects. They used tear gas and minor explosives to burst open the door. A little bit of drama on how the police persuaded the suspects to come out with only their underwear (oh dear!).

Then the media interviewed the eye witnesses on how the police operated (remember the case when they killed the wrong man, a Brazilian guy - condolences to his family). Analysis has been made, they came out with their own theories and opinions. I am no longer interested to know. They better not make another mistake this time. They better do it right or there will be a different kind of perception towards the police procedures

Let’s change the channel.

Oh No! It's a live broadcast. Same news on the CNN! My God! This is so depressing. Better go to sleep. Good night everybody….

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