Monday, July 04, 2005

Don't get married if you are poor?

“Don’t get married if you don’t have the money” says Gary, the Scam Boy. “No, I don’t agree, lots of famous people coming from poor family background” says the handsome Nigel, the Green Man. Whom do you agree with?

I heard this conversation over Radio 4, Trex FM my favourite radio station, on my way to work this Monday morning. An interesting topic on the first week of work, it made my day. So, is it okay to get married if you don’t have the money, produce children you can barely feed and struggle to make the ends meet?

I will go with the Green Man. Although money is very important, marriage does not necessarily have to be big or grand. The most important thing is to respect your spouse, the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with (hopefully). Make it legal and then work hard to fulfil the responsibility that awaits you. If you want to wait for the money, that day might never come at all. Opportunity will be lost and you will live with regrets of ‘what ifs’.

The topic came out today due to the Live 8 Free Concert in line with The G8 summit which will take place from 6 to 8 July at Gleneagles in Scotland.

“HERE’S THE PROBLEM… Every single day, 50,000 people are dying, needlessly, of extreme poverty. More than were dying at the time of Live Aid. Dying of AIDS, dying of hunger, dying of diseases like TB and Diarrhoea. Dying, often for want of medicines which we can buy over the counter in a chemist.....” read more.

Scam Boy, the smart guy was saying that being poor and still wanted to have a family will only make your family suffer like what happened to the world now, relating it to the social problems and the situation in Africa. I in some ways agree with his opinion about being poor leads to social problems (because of desperations) and sufferings (in Africa - more to do with political problems that lead to economy stagnancy) like in Africa. But let’s just be honest with ourselves, it’s human nature to mate and reproduce. It is hard to go against nature. No matter what you do, you will always go back to the way God created us to be. Man and woman, in regardless of your social status, rich or poor will not be complete without the other. We live our lives predestined. This is only my opinion, many might not agree.

In our context, if we have enough education, if we are poor, don’t let it hinders us from doing great things. If we could turn setbacks into positive ways of thinking, there will always be a way.

Situation in Africa needs to be looked into more carefully. May be the first thing we should do is to give them all the supports that they needed. Help them stabilised the political situation. This is the role the UN (shame on them) and the G8 could play. They also needed assistance in term of basic amenities like in healthcare and education, as well as financial assistance, to create industries for economic growth. And of course the G8 could do more for them being the richer ones.


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