Friday, July 08, 2005


I am totally angry and shocked with the latest news I saw on BBC News last night. It was all over the newspapers this morning. I don’t care about my intention not to write anything related to sensitive issues before this. I just can’t contain my anger anymore.

Poor innocent people going out to work on early Thursday morning, poor Londoners who had just celebrated their winning to host Olympic 2012 and poor leaders busy at the G8 meeting trying to come up with consensus to make the world a better place to live in. It’s totally barbaric, backwards and unintelligent move to bomb innocent people. It’s inhumane and on top of it all, the suspects are believed to be the al-Qaeda. What a shame!

I don’t understand what good can come out from this. What are they trying to proof? When this will ever stop? Please someone tell me. I am worried sick and fed up to always hear negative things about Muslim’s community. Thanks to those who claimed themselves as Muslim but in actuality was a power-hungry attention-seeker unworthy people. They only make the matter worst and tarnishing the good name of Islam.

No way! Islam never teaches this. As ignorant as I am I do know that Islam is a peaceful and loving religion. I hate to discuss about serious matter in my blog because I always think myself as unqualified especially in subject related to politics and religion. Other people can write it better than me. Nevertheless, being a person who cares about a lot of things in this world, I must say something about this latest incident.

What happened to the world today was that Islam has been branded as a religion that breeds terrorist. I am ashamed with those people who contributed to this.

The insurgence of al-Qaeda and the Jihad groups who claimed them selves to be the saviour of other Muslims terrifies me. Who are they to represent us? Who gave them the right? Thanks to them, Muslims now have to bare the hatred and abuse from the non-Muslims of the world. Our mosques got burned; Muslims suspected as terrorist; Muslims got humiliated during checking point to enter western countries (I have no time to proof these incidences). Life is getting harder because of this.

It is so sad because our name is tarnished by the small minority who are irresponsible. Don’t you see it, the negative perception of others towards the religion it self. I used to read a blog which says bad things about Muslim being uneducated and illiterate, stupid and backwards, barbaric and intolerant and the list goes on and on.

There was one guy (I refused to mention from which country) who blamed it on the Quran as being the word of lies and Muhammad as being a paedophile and homicidal maniac. I won’t mention which blog (don’t want to cause anymore hatred) but this is the reality today. No matter how much the western countries are trying to tell us that they don’t hate muslims and they don’t blame our religion, still the feelings and perceptions are there. The stereotyping, you just can feel it. I learned a long time ago that it is not easy to change one’s perception without concrete evidence or strong reasoning.

Well, okay. I’m tired and disappointed today. Before I log off, I just want to mention here again that this is all my own thoughts and opinions. I am not representing the Muslims or anybody but my own self.


  1. So happy to see your blog and most importantly read this post. I always side with you that the acts of a few never represent the whole. These are not the representatives of any religion or of any one people but instead the true representatives of evil. Using a religion to shield your disgusting deeds will not be tolerated. I am so happy to see you speak out as I know the outrage and pain that we all feel. I look forward to more of your postings.

  2. Thank you David for dropping by. I am so happy that you approved the content of my blog.

    Just to let you know that true muslims don't do harm towards others. Only those who neglected continuous education in life do. Check this out He said it all with a true wisdom that I failed to put in my blog.

  3. Lets hope that the world will be a better place to live in - with lots of understanding between everyone.Amin!

  4. A great thoughts..The London attack is the works of Evil..They are all just Evil...

  5. Amin.... to all the good thoughts in this world.



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