Monday, July 18, 2005



“Kalau pandai pakai kasut tinggi macam ni, mesti pandai bernyanyi. Betul tak, adik mesti pandai menyanyi” says the cobbler with an Indonesian accent to me.

(Translation: If you know how to wear a high heel like this, surely you can sing. Isn’t it, you must know how to sing.)

I was a little bit speechless but it was funny, I smiled so that I won’t appear to be rude. Ha ha ha… I can’t laugh it out just yet. Wait till I am safe in the car. I said to myself.

He’s a 'gatal' old man. It’s just amusing how his mind was working. My friend waiting in the car gave the cobbler an impatient signal knowing very well that he was trying to delay the process of mending my high heels unnecessarily. I broke the heel while practicing dancing a week earlier and haven’t realised it till that day while wearing the same shoes to work. This time I had no spare shoes in the car as usual. I had to fix it or I will not be able to walk properly. Nana drove me that day because we were supposed to go somewhere and now she was waiting for me impatiently.

I didn’t answer him. I waited quietly till he’s done, paid the bill and rushed to the car. Once in the car, I repeated his famous line to Nana, “kalau pandai pakai kasut tinggi macam ni, mesti pandai bernyanyi”. Ha ha ha ha…. We both laughed it out to tears :)

Nana and I think it strange and funny at the same time. I think most Indonesian guys are romantic. They express their feelings in a poetic kind of ways. I’ve been mending my shoes with him for years and each time he tried to woo me with different kind of lines. All is very poetic like in a ‘dangdut’ song. Only that it doesn’t work with me.

That’s the opening actually :)

Now what I really want to write here is about the ‘tall obsession’. How nowadays everybody wants to be taller than they really are. That is why I like high heel in the first place. I never wear anything flat most of the times. My actual height is 5' 3" but people usually mistaken me to be 5’6”. The good thing about me is that, I look comfortable with the heels they don’t even notice that I’m wearing one :)

This obsession to be tall is not just me. I guess, many Asian people are born smaller and shorter compared to the western people and many wish to be taller. I think tall people look gorgeous in cloths, do better in sports and they exude an aura of superiority around them. This is only my own opinion. I do know a lot of smaller and shorter people out there who are excellent in what they do. My president is one good example of small petite lady. She’s not even 5 feet but she has an aura of powerful presence and I highly respect her. A person who manages 13 hospitals and about 4000 staffs is surely something.

Why are we smaller and shorter? I don’t know why but our genetics are tailored in such ways that it suits our environment (unless you are from mixed genetics). I am still yet to find articles that explain this scenario on how human being went through an evolution process to adapt to the environment they live in. If you want to ask me, I would simply say that God is great!

We are created with different shapes and colours to suit the environment we live in. Asians are darker, smaller and shorter to suit the hotter environment. Dark skin can cope with the sun ray better than fairer skin. The ultraviolet from the sun can cause skin cancer which the dark skin can fare better. Example is Africa; they are dark-skin so that they can cope with the harsh climate better.

Westerners are bigger, fairer and taller because they live in higher latitude (means colder) and it suit the four seasons. Bigger people can retain more heat during the cold weather and fair skin also will retain the heat in the body better compared to darker skin which absorbs heat as well as cold (this is only my common sense, don’t believe me). Sometimes, even the inner organ sizes are different like the Eskimo which has bigger lungs then us so that they can survive the cold climate better unlike us. Well I must have read or see about this somewhere in the book, magazine or TV but I can’t recall the sources to proof it here.


Now the question is; can Asian be taller? I would say yes we can! We can not change our existing nature, but we can create a taller generation. The formula is simple; short people must never marry people with their same height. Instead try to find someone taller than you are to avoid repetitive genetic attributes. It’s all about genetics and you sure can change it. Marriage into other cultures is also a good idea :)


The Vietnamese Government now is spending money on research to study on how to make its citizen taller. One of their precious finding (which had been founded by the Japanese and proven by many countries earlier) is to drink milk. They had found that the undernourished children during the war had been stunted which made Vietnamese as one of the smallest and shortest people in the world. The government now is running a massive campaign to encourage milk drinking among Vietnamese children to make them taller (CNN and BBC News).

Well, logically, it is true that milk is an important source of nutrition for child’s growth. It is rich in calcium that is vital for development of stronger bones and teeth and it helps reducing osteoporosis in older days.


I remember that the Japanese are also obsessed with being tall; they encouraged drinking milk after World War II. Another interesting finding was that eating raw food can make you taller. I guess that is why Japanese likes to eat raw fish and seaweeds because it has certain enzyme that enhances the hormones that will enhance growth (check it out yourself). I think Japanese have done a lot of good research to improve the condition of living through their diet. They have the longest lifespan in the world; 78 years for man and 85 years for woman. Remember the oldest living person; a Japanese woman who had died at the age of 114 (Guinness World Record).



  1. tak terlambat ke liza kalau baru sekarang nak minum susu untuk tinggikan diri ?


  2. Hi Sue,

    Kalau masih kanak-kanak (children) and you are undernaurished, bolehlah tinggi sikit dalam 2 inci kot. Kalau orang dewasa, it's good for stronger bones to avoid osteoporosis. Tapi kan sebenarnya kalau you check the website, ada technique baru untuk tinggi by stretching the bones and taking some hormones. I don't know how they do it, I don't care to know. I'm happy the way I am now :)

  3. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Hmmm... most Indonesian guys are romantic?? they are really good with words rite?

    We malaysians do not have drinking milk culture (susu cap junjung dlm teh tarik mamak tak kira)... and it is very hard to find fresh milk too sometimes.. not like here.. all gas stations, convenient stores & grocery stores here do sell fresh milk. I wish I do drink lots of milk during childhood..maybe i will be 6 ft if i do take lots of milk previously..

    Have a great weekend..

    p.s: Have u find new venture after leaving KPJ?


  4. Hi SK,

    Memang kat Malaysia ni susah sikit nak dapat fresh milk but when I was in Sabah my father made us all drink fresh milk brought to us everyday by a singh guy. That's why our family are bigger and taller than most, I think :)

    I haven't thought of finding a new job just yet. Frankly speaking, I am a bit depressed and trying my very best to get some peace of mind. I'm doing some serious reading and soul searching. Probably will rest for a month and at the same time will decide what to do next.

    Thank you for dropping by :)



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