Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I’ve been wanting to write about Patch Adams’ the film produced in 1998 ever since I saw it a few weeks back. I watch it at the Star Movie Channel with a friend whom is also my colleague. We were at a hotel having our weekend break away and on our way down to dinner when the film started to play. At first I was not interested because it was Robin Williams. I never like him because he always plays that weird kind of character and he acts so seriously (not bad acting, just a feeling I don’t like about him – don’t want to explain it further). But this film was different; it glued me till the end.

The story was about a man called “Patch” Adams (the name came from a touching story when he was at an asylum, you should watch if you wanted to know). He admitted himself willingly to a psychiatric hospital because he thinks that he’s crazy. There he met many people with different kinds of problems. He tried his best to fit in and find ways to help a few patients including a very genius entrepreneur who was also there who later had given him the name ‘Patch’. He realised there on that his life will be happier if he could help others.

He then dismissed himself from the hospital and decided to become a physician. He entered medical school with classmates far younger them himself. He visited the university’s hospital often because the patients fascinated him. He uses humour to make children in the ward laugh which proved to be effective in improving their health conditions. Even older patients like him and he manages to break the hardest of hearts along the way except for one particular man who does not like him, the Director of the hospital who is also the Dean of the Medical Faculty.

The Dean reported him to have been distracting the hospital patients, students and hospital staffs. The term used was excessive happiness (what’s wrong with that!). He was asked to leave the university albeit his good grades in all subjects and he was one of the top students at the university. Among other things, he had opened a free for all hospital using unconventional methods on a piece of land courtesy of the genius entrepreneur he met at the asylum. He managed the hospital with voluntary help from his close friends. They were later been found out by the university. He was punished to leave the university and banned from practising his methods to patients. The rest of the story showed on how he fought his case and won with tremendous support of his patients and friends. He had inspired many and his vision of a free hospital for all continues on up to this day.

Yup, it’s a true story which impresses me so much. Check it out, Meet the real Patch Adams and inspired by him.

I feel so much better having told it to all. The film will make you cry not just of sadness, but of other feelings as well. It was the most exhausting film I’ve ever watched because my tears won’t stop falling from the beginning till the end. I ended up going down to dinner with puffy eyes :) It’s the kind of film that will stay with you for a long time just like the other one called ‘I am Sam’ by actor Sean Penn (also recommended, a 2001 movie).
Now go buy your own copy of VCD or DVD.

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