Saturday, June 18, 2005


People say I have a talent for writing. So may be this is where I should start, practising in my blog to see whether I’m good or not. Thanks to those people who always encourage me to create my own blog (you know who you are).

This Sunday 19th is Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day Abah!...”

This time, it’s going to be a special celebration for my family because our beloved father had just went through a bypass operation. It’s kind of special because we realised how much he means to us after the trauma of seeing him in the ICCU. He had four bypasses because of major blockages to his heart. Adding to this, he was a heavy smoker and he’s a hypertension as well. The operation went off smoothly but he was detained four days in the ICCU instead of the normal two days. He had breathing difficulty due to his over polluted lungs. Thanks to his 46 years smoking habit. Cut the story short, the process of recovery had been very exhausting for the whole family.

Now after 1 ½ months since the operation, we are relieved to see him healthy and working again. I LOVE YOU ABAH!

Choosing the Right Theme for My Blog

This is actually what I want to write, not about my father :)

Before I started this blog, I had done research on what people put in their blog. I’ve seen some outstanding blogs with good themes. Some commented on politics and religions in a fair and courteous way and some with hatred and cynical note. I have found blogs that could touch your heart and some who made you cringe and want to scream or kill the author (I will not want to state which blogs). So it made me think what kind of theme I wanted to portray in the blog.

Finally I said to myself, I don’t want to copy anybody else’s themes. I don’t want to sound like a genius or better than anybody else. All I want is something original that comes from my heart. I want something that is generous, honest and pure. We are living in this world already filled with complications. Why would I want to make it any harder to myself and other people? So that’s about it, now let’s continue with what I want to write here.

Hmm… well nothing comes to mind yet. May be next time, dear. Right now, I’m going to get a life…

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  1. Anonymous2:34 pm

    cayalah anak abah...
    ..hidup anak abah...
    jgn begayut slalu bawah ketiak abah dahler...



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