Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Two funny incidences happened to me a few days ago, both with my printers. I was doing some printing jobs for my coming event at the Palace of the Golden Horses. The first incidence was with a Chinese girl whom I dealt with for printing films and the second one was with a Malay guy doing poster printing.

The problem with the Chinese girl was miscommunication and the latter was the issue of attraction.

The Girl

I never dealt with this new girl before. She’s big and cute. I think she’s new and not well converse in Malay or English. She always ignored me whenever I was around in her shop, so I assumed she’s the aloof type and unfriendly. That’s fine with me. Nothing is new when dealing with this kind of person.

I have no choice that day when she came to me and surprisingly she wants to do the work. She took my thumb drive which has my artworks to copy it into her PC. I was sceptical of this girl because she’s new. She might not understand what I want and how I want it to be. But since she insists, I give it to her.

The process of printing is first the artworks, then the colour separations (I skip this part because I do my own artwork), the four-coloured films (if you are using CYMK) and finally the plates. Usually, I will want to see the end result of the films, the rest, I trust my printer to produce accordingly.

This time around, I had two artworks to produce into four coloured films but I need some adjustments to it. I like to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS which I am still struggling to master. I explained it to her that I need some adjustment in Malay and in English to make sure she understands. After awhile, she seemed to get my messages so I was quite relieved.

The problem occurred when she started to speak and I didn’t understand her. I couldn’t catch a word she’s trying to say. I asked her many times to repeat what she’s trying to tell me. It went on quite long until finally I said “I’m sorry amoi, saya tak boleh faham apa yang you cakaplah, boleh tak tanya kawan you sebab dulu dia yang buat untuk saya”. My God, it was so hard to communicate with her. I almost give up. Thank God my friend came to the rescue; she said the girl wanted to know the spaces in between the artworks. No wonder she haplessly pointed to me the artwork and I heard the word “space”, that’s all. Why can’t she just ask me with proper Malay like “Berapa ukuran jarak yang awak mahu?” or “How many centimetres of space in between the artworks?”. As simple as that! She should learn the national language or at least English will be very useful internationally. She only knows Chinese, which makes it hard for her to communicate with me.

She looked like she wanted to cry because of me and that’s what I thought so funny. She can’t seem to concentrate on her work afterwards and finally she dared to tell us to leave her alone. She said I could come back later when she’s done with the films. Usually, I will get my films straight away but not this time. The girl is embarrassed and wounded, so therefore I had to come some other time.

It took me awhile to understand the incident. It’s hard to understand how I could make a person cry. Usually it’s the other way around. I had a good laugh with my friend afterwards when it finally sink in me. I do feel guilty for causing grief to this girl especially on Monday. I feel bad for making her feel bad.

The moral of the story is; it is good to know more languages to avoid miscommunication. I should learn Mandarin or Cantonese and she should learn Malay or English. It applies to both parties.

The Guy

The second incident was with a guy in the printing shop. He’s a Malay, small or petite I would say and very shy. This is a pleasant experience at first before the guy blew it to pieces because I always enjoyed dealing with the opposite sex.

I met him the first time while doing a bunting. I came back to him because he’s done a good job plus he gave me a reasonable price for it and he gave me free lesson on Illustrator. Now my next job for him is to print a set of posters for an exhibition. He never showed me any interest before. He’s a bit shy and he has an innocent young look in him like a small boy.

I asked him, how much he will charge me for a poster sticker attached to Styrofoam if it’s an A3 size. He couldn’t give me the quotation straight away because he has to outsource the job to another shop in Melawati. So I gave him my call card so that he could call me once he had the information. Surprisingly, I heard him say “Boleh lah call ajak keluar minum”. What! Am I hearing it correctly? He must be joking. All this while I’ve been addressing myself ‘kakak’ which means I considered myself older than him. I never knew he’s attracted to me. So I dismissed him good naturedly. I don’t even remember what I said to him. I just want to flee.

So today, I have to go to that place again, he never called me as promised earlier. The moment I entered the shop, he gave excuses for not calling me but that’s okay because I don’t feel comfortable if he calls me anyway. He’s ruined it! Now I feel awkward and don’t want to have anything to do with him again.

The moral of the story is; if you want to woo a girl, make sure you are ready for it. Don’t act brave at one time and shy away the next time for it’s only bring embarrassment to both parties.

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