Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I’ve been wanting to write about Patch Adams’ the film produced in 1998 ever since I saw it a few weeks back. I watch it at the Star Movie Channel with a friend whom is also my colleague. We were at a hotel having our weekend break away and on our way down to dinner when the film started to play. At first I was not interested because it was Robin Williams. I never like him because he always plays that weird kind of character and he acts so seriously (not bad acting, just a feeling I don’t like about him – don’t want to explain it further). But this film was different; it glued me till the end.

The story was about a man called “Patch” Adams (the name came from a touching story when he was at an asylum, you should watch if you wanted to know). He admitted himself willingly to a psychiatric hospital because he thinks that he’s crazy. There he met many people with different kinds of problems. He tried his best to fit in and find ways to help a few patients including a very genius entrepreneur who was also there who later had given him the name ‘Patch’. He realised there on that his life will be happier if he could help others.

He then dismissed himself from the hospital and decided to become a physician. He entered medical school with classmates far younger them himself. He visited the university’s hospital often because the patients fascinated him. He uses humour to make children in the ward laugh which proved to be effective in improving their health conditions. Even older patients like him and he manages to break the hardest of hearts along the way except for one particular man who does not like him, the Director of the hospital who is also the Dean of the Medical Faculty.

The Dean reported him to have been distracting the hospital patients, students and hospital staffs. The term used was excessive happiness (what’s wrong with that!). He was asked to leave the university albeit his good grades in all subjects and he was one of the top students at the university. Among other things, he had opened a free for all hospital using unconventional methods on a piece of land courtesy of the genius entrepreneur he met at the asylum. He managed the hospital with voluntary help from his close friends. They were later been found out by the university. He was punished to leave the university and banned from practising his methods to patients. The rest of the story showed on how he fought his case and won with tremendous support of his patients and friends. He had inspired many and his vision of a free hospital for all continues on up to this day.

Yup, it’s a true story which impresses me so much. Check it out, Meet the real Patch Adams and inspired by him.

I feel so much better having told it to all. The film will make you cry not just of sadness, but of other feelings as well. It was the most exhausting film I’ve ever watched because my tears won’t stop falling from the beginning till the end. I ended up going down to dinner with puffy eyes :) It’s the kind of film that will stay with you for a long time just like the other one called ‘I am Sam’ by actor Sean Penn (also recommended, a 2001 movie).
Now go buy your own copy of VCD or DVD.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


The moment I entered the lounge, “Hi glad to see you again” The Mat Salleh with sweaty palms speaking to me. I said “Oh, hi.” He seemed so happy to see me. Well, could have been because we met the other night at the club. I ignored him that night and pretended like I didn’t see him. I proceeded to enter the room, introduced myself to all the people present. There was another Mat Salleh. His name is Steve, quite old and chubby, probably an American (from his accent). Well, not a bad crowd.

“Hi Liza, you are not early today?” Someone shouted at me from behind. “Every time I’m early nobody is around anyway” I told my instructor. She’s a very pleasant lady, beautiful in an exotic kind of way. She’s dark, slim and tall. Good at what she's doing and I admired her for that.

I seated myself beside the Sweaty Palms. The only vacant place anyway. Oh dear, I hope I don’t have to partner with him. “Did you go to the club the other night?” He asked me. “Yeah I did, but only for a short while. I left 30 minutes later.” I told him. I knew he was there but I asked anyway. “Did you go?”. He said, “Yes I did. Actually my place is only a walking distance from the club. I just need to walk a few minutes to get there.” “Oh really! Well where is your place actually?”, I asked him. He answered, “I stay somewhere at the back of the building, let me give you my card so that you could call me if you happened to go there”. He gave me his name card. So, he’s a consultant and working here for a few months at times. He has an office at the Berjaya Times Square and he lives at the apartment above the building. It is a very impressive new business complex with service apartments on top. Just to play safe and to be polite, I told him that I don’t have my name card with me. In truth, I don’t want to give him my number.

“How long have you been here?”, I asked him. “I’ve been here just recently, not even a month and I am leaving soon”. Then we chatted on just to kill the time. He told me that he’s from UK (he won a point from me; I love his accent if not his person). He said he’s working here for a few months at intervals. He told me that his wife who had died was a Columbian (why is he telling me this!) And he said he came here just to improve his skill to proof to his wife’s side of family that he could do it. Blah blah blah…… I was relieved when the instructor called us in.

That was a scene on the fourth week of my salsa class :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Two funny incidences happened to me a few days ago, both with my printers. I was doing some printing jobs for my coming event at the Palace of the Golden Horses. The first incidence was with a Chinese girl whom I dealt with for printing films and the second one was with a Malay guy doing poster printing.

The problem with the Chinese girl was miscommunication and the latter was the issue of attraction.

The Girl

I never dealt with this new girl before. She’s big and cute. I think she’s new and not well converse in Malay or English. She always ignored me whenever I was around in her shop, so I assumed she’s the aloof type and unfriendly. That’s fine with me. Nothing is new when dealing with this kind of person.

I have no choice that day when she came to me and surprisingly she wants to do the work. She took my thumb drive which has my artworks to copy it into her PC. I was sceptical of this girl because she’s new. She might not understand what I want and how I want it to be. But since she insists, I give it to her.

The process of printing is first the artworks, then the colour separations (I skip this part because I do my own artwork), the four-coloured films (if you are using CYMK) and finally the plates. Usually, I will want to see the end result of the films, the rest, I trust my printer to produce accordingly.

This time around, I had two artworks to produce into four coloured films but I need some adjustments to it. I like to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS which I am still struggling to master. I explained it to her that I need some adjustment in Malay and in English to make sure she understands. After awhile, she seemed to get my messages so I was quite relieved.

The problem occurred when she started to speak and I didn’t understand her. I couldn’t catch a word she’s trying to say. I asked her many times to repeat what she’s trying to tell me. It went on quite long until finally I said “I’m sorry amoi, saya tak boleh faham apa yang you cakaplah, boleh tak tanya kawan you sebab dulu dia yang buat untuk saya”. My God, it was so hard to communicate with her. I almost give up. Thank God my friend came to the rescue; she said the girl wanted to know the spaces in between the artworks. No wonder she haplessly pointed to me the artwork and I heard the word “space”, that’s all. Why can’t she just ask me with proper Malay like “Berapa ukuran jarak yang awak mahu?” or “How many centimetres of space in between the artworks?”. As simple as that! She should learn the national language or at least English will be very useful internationally. She only knows Chinese, which makes it hard for her to communicate with me.

She looked like she wanted to cry because of me and that’s what I thought so funny. She can’t seem to concentrate on her work afterwards and finally she dared to tell us to leave her alone. She said I could come back later when she’s done with the films. Usually, I will get my films straight away but not this time. The girl is embarrassed and wounded, so therefore I had to come some other time.

It took me awhile to understand the incident. It’s hard to understand how I could make a person cry. Usually it’s the other way around. I had a good laugh with my friend afterwards when it finally sink in me. I do feel guilty for causing grief to this girl especially on Monday. I feel bad for making her feel bad.

The moral of the story is; it is good to know more languages to avoid miscommunication. I should learn Mandarin or Cantonese and she should learn Malay or English. It applies to both parties.

The Guy

The second incident was with a guy in the printing shop. He’s a Malay, small or petite I would say and very shy. This is a pleasant experience at first before the guy blew it to pieces because I always enjoyed dealing with the opposite sex.

I met him the first time while doing a bunting. I came back to him because he’s done a good job plus he gave me a reasonable price for it and he gave me free lesson on Illustrator. Now my next job for him is to print a set of posters for an exhibition. He never showed me any interest before. He’s a bit shy and he has an innocent young look in him like a small boy.

I asked him, how much he will charge me for a poster sticker attached to Styrofoam if it’s an A3 size. He couldn’t give me the quotation straight away because he has to outsource the job to another shop in Melawati. So I gave him my call card so that he could call me once he had the information. Surprisingly, I heard him say “Boleh lah call ajak keluar minum”. What! Am I hearing it correctly? He must be joking. All this while I’ve been addressing myself ‘kakak’ which means I considered myself older than him. I never knew he’s attracted to me. So I dismissed him good naturedly. I don’t even remember what I said to him. I just want to flee.

So today, I have to go to that place again, he never called me as promised earlier. The moment I entered the shop, he gave excuses for not calling me but that’s okay because I don’t feel comfortable if he calls me anyway. He’s ruined it! Now I feel awkward and don’t want to have anything to do with him again.

The moral of the story is; if you want to woo a girl, make sure you are ready for it. Don’t act brave at one time and shy away the next time for it’s only bring embarrassment to both parties.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


People say I have a talent for writing. So may be this is where I should start, practising in my blog to see whether I’m good or not. Thanks to those people who always encourage me to create my own blog (you know who you are).

This Sunday 19th is Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day Abah!...”

This time, it’s going to be a special celebration for my family because our beloved father had just went through a bypass operation. It’s kind of special because we realised how much he means to us after the trauma of seeing him in the ICCU. He had four bypasses because of major blockages to his heart. Adding to this, he was a heavy smoker and he’s a hypertension as well. The operation went off smoothly but he was detained four days in the ICCU instead of the normal two days. He had breathing difficulty due to his over polluted lungs. Thanks to his 46 years smoking habit. Cut the story short, the process of recovery had been very exhausting for the whole family.

Now after 1 ½ months since the operation, we are relieved to see him healthy and working again. I LOVE YOU ABAH!

Choosing the Right Theme for My Blog

This is actually what I want to write, not about my father :)

Before I started this blog, I had done research on what people put in their blog. I’ve seen some outstanding blogs with good themes. Some commented on politics and religions in a fair and courteous way and some with hatred and cynical note. I have found blogs that could touch your heart and some who made you cringe and want to scream or kill the author (I will not want to state which blogs). So it made me think what kind of theme I wanted to portray in the blog.

Finally I said to myself, I don’t want to copy anybody else’s themes. I don’t want to sound like a genius or better than anybody else. All I want is something original that comes from my heart. I want something that is generous, honest and pure. We are living in this world already filled with complications. Why would I want to make it any harder to myself and other people? So that’s about it, now let’s continue with what I want to write here.

Hmm… well nothing comes to mind yet. May be next time, dear. Right now, I’m going to get a life…

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Great Things Happen with a Single Step

Well... here I go with my first posting. Just testing so nothing important yet for me to write here. May be when I get my new laptop I will create something wonderful and meaningful, gently of course. One step at a time, dear.

Hah! Watch out for me.


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