Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bird Connection 2

A tekukur tanah with its chicks
Didn't I write before about my bird connection? Yeah, I think a lot of times, isn't it :)

I used to have a bird pet named Lucky Dog cause it fell from a tree on the day of Chinese New Year and it was the year of a Dog. It brought me good luck, so the name goes. I also wrote about relationship of a bird. Some birds mate for a lifetime. Unlike human being who seldom faithful nor content with just one partner. This is said with real life experiences. Here is the posting :) 

My posting about Bird Connection is here. Please don't get bored. Hehehe...

Other postings about bird.  You may find all these posting interlinked with one another because it's all about great creatures of the sky. I love them!

I saved a few birds in my life. They came to me naturally in my surroundings. Even while I was working in the office. Gosh! Amazing, isn't it! Here is the posting :)

Hang on... last but not least, my favourite all time literature also metaphorically named after a bird, i.e. To Kill a Mocking Bird. An amazing masterpiece by Harper Lee. Marvellous. Highly recommended for everyone to read and learn a few good things in life.  
Two chicks makes me happy!

Many people doubted my special connection with birds. These little creatures are meant to be in my life forever and ever. See it for yourselves. Birds nested on my hanging pots always. And I meant it literally, always. For the past three non-stop years, that is for my latest abode.

Some people do questioned why. Why would a bird nests near my abode or came near me. Well... I can't really answer that. I myself can't really explain why.

The photos here are of Terkukur Tanah. Its a type of pigeon. It is a smaller version of 'Spotted Dove'. They usually play and find food on the ground. Rarely they fly very high from the ground except for this one, it flew all the way to the 5th floor of my apartment.

Everytime these birds nested, everytime I had to revive the plants or change it to a new one. However, I don't really mind. Not a lost at all. It's all about gaining the trust and love of my birds.

I am not a superstitious type. However I believe I have a special connection with this creature. My life's journey often involved them as a companion. I feel blessed. I might not get the love I truly yearn from human being. God compensated it with the love of animals. To earn love and trust from animals are truly a big deal to me.

Thank you buddy :)

Monday, November 04, 2013

My Heart, please be patient

Rain drops at my window
It's coming to a New Year again. The Islamic New Year of Hijri is just around the corner, which is tomorow and soon the Gregorian Calendar follows.

This is a time of reflection for everyone. I definitely always sit back and reassess my life. The goods and the bads. The As and the Fs of my actions. The consequences of my brilliancy and stupidity. Lalalala...
Nobody's perfect :)

Lately, it was like time spent too much on thinking and sleeping with the thoughts. During rainy days, I would just lay on my bed, staring at the raindrops on my windowpane. It makes me think better. I always tell myself just let it be. Go with the flow as God knows what is best for me. 

Sometimes your path crosses with someone which gives meaning into your life. Sometimes even a short encounter can change your whole life. No doubt God makes our lives so mysterious you just can't tell what will happen next. 

I met a lot of people. Strangers and not so strangers who came into my life and give meaning to the moment. One thing I really learned and would gladly share with everyone here is never ever reject anyone who came into your life with good intention. Cherish every moment and make the best of the joy that each other could bring. You wouldn't know what will happen next. Just go with the flow. God knows what's best for you.  

We may not always get what we want in life because God has a different plan for us. The one that we want so badly might not be the right one for us. So be thankful and redha with what God has in store for us. No incident is a coincidence. It's all planned by the One. 

Take care and never give up on love. Mwah! Mwah!

Happy Islamic New Year, 1435 Hijriah

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Wishing all Muslims Happy Islamic New Year 1435 Hijri!

May we all be a better person than we were before. Live life to the fullest. Have no regrets as every experience teaches us something to prepare us for our next journey in life. Be gentle towards all creatures. Thank Allah every morning for the chance to live another day. Appreciate your family and people who love you. Show gratitude by good deeds and lots of love. Last but not least, forgive and ask forgiveness for nobody is perfect.

Take care and may Allah bless you. Mwah! Mwah!

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Birthday Today

This is the most crucial year for me. The big number, the turning point in my life. Today is my birthday. Huhuhu...

Thought I would sit alone being miserable but on the opposite. I was not left alone by my food friends Pava and Jasz who were there in the morning till the night ends. 

I'm blessed with good friendship. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

2012 Most Memorable Family History

My beautiful sister in law Aida
Sometimes in our busy days catching up with our own struggle in life, we tend to forget to reminisce how we fare in life. It's been over three years since the passing of my beloved mother. My life had been tumultuous, blown by a tornado, kind of upside down ever since then. Of course, time does heal and with time, we get to continue living in this world. There're so much yet to learn. 

My handsome brother CD
My Mom didn't get the chance to see the wedding of my younger bother CD. He got married in February 2012, nine months after her passing. On his 'Akad Nikah' day (marriage covenant), I could feel my Mom's presence in the Masjid (mosque). I was not alone, my sisters felt it too. It was a surreal and touching moment. We like to think that she gave her blessing and she approved the union. Tears of joy for the occasion as well of tears of longing for our beloved Mom surrounded our families. A moment of quietude to appreciate. We hugged and kissed as the mark of another beautiful memories to cherish in our family history book.   

CD and his bride Aida
In my struggle to cope with my loneliness, life's struggle and personal issues, I didn't record down another important episode in our family history prior to this wedding, i.e. the wedding of our father. Yes, he got himself a new wife. Urghhh...

I didn't bother to write a post about this episode because I was against it earlier on. I can't accept the fact that my father had the heart to remarry after my Mom. How could he replace her! It's out of my intellect to think how easy it was for a man to forget his deceased wife! It got even worst when he decided to do it so hastily, about five months after my Mom's passing. 

However, as time goes by, and with much turmoil and major misunderstanding with the step mother, finally we could really say that we began to love her. She was not really a bad person. Our father needed her in order to live longer. She takes good care of him and we could not ask for more. 

Additionally, we got ourselves four step siblings from her previous marriage. They are a cool young bunch. They never interfere with our ways and they are adapting very well to our family culture. So I have nothing to complain. Surprisingly, we do look alike. Nobody could tell that we are from a different mother. 

February 2012 - one for the album. Still not a complete family photo though.

Life is full of the unexpected. Life is full of surprises. YES. Sometimes I hate surprises. Well... We planned but Allah is the Master Planner. Allah knows what's best for us. I shall reserve my rebellious nature in matters of religion. We might be in pain, we might be in vain. Nevertheless, surely there will be sunshine after the rain. 

Smile :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Roses of Venezuela - Hidden beauty in Perdana Botanical Garden, KL

Rose of Venezuela is the name of a beautiful flowering tree that grows in Tropical America and famously grown in many parts of Asia as well. I love the flowers as it was vibrant in colour and unique unlike any other that you have ever seen before. Easiest way to sight this beautiful tree in Malaysia is go to Perdana Botanical Garden or formerly known as The Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur. You can see it aplenty along one of the walkways.

As you walk along the Perdana Botanical Garden in Kuala Lumpur, ensure to enjoy the beauty of each plants especially the trees. You may see that there are varieties of shape, colour, height and splendour. Nature has its beauty displayed for the eyes to feast upon. It calms down your nerve by just contemplating on nature's wonder.  

The real flowers, i.e. the one intact on the tree, I have not taken. I went there often in September but didn't think of writing it here. The photos were taken by chance because I saw a squirrel plucking one of the flowers. It shocked me to realise that the squirrels love eating Rose of Venezuela! 

As I went back home, I did research on these multiple flowers in a flower, only then I know that although it does not have any scent as an attraction factor, it does produce some kind of a sweet nectar that is appealing to the bees, birds including squirrels. No wonder lah :)

The fallen flowers.
This is the culprit. The flower eater. Squirrels love the sweet nectar of these flowers
My best friend taking a brisk walk ahead of yours truly :)
Can be seen the Roses of Venezuela trees lining up the walkway.
It was a nice walk down the pathway in the evening of September before the sun goes down in Perdana Botanical Garden. I love it there because it's the only place in KL that you could forget the stress of life in the concrete jungle and yet the concrete jungle is just nearby beside it. 

Well, have to get back to that shape for my December trip to para... para... paradise. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Children of 21st Century

Little Rafael. Makes me happy.
Who doesn't love children. I adore children. Love them babies in regardless of human's or animals'. All babies are cute to me because they have something grown ups haven't, i.e. the purity and innocence of life. It shows the greatness of our Creator. May Allah bless all babies in this world.

21st century kids knows technology
Inseparable sibling
Cousins. They made my heart sing <3 br="">

Birthdays make children happy

Friendship develops at an early age. Look how cute they are!

Children of the 21st century are born with technology. The moment they could see the world, they are surrounded by it. I was born in the 70s. That seems so old. Sigh... Yeah some more counting days to my birthday in October. Huhuhu... This is the reason why I was called to write this posting.

Looking at people with family makes me kind of want to have one my own. However, I have led an adventurous life very few would dare to follow. A rebel by nature and live-life-to-the-fullest is my motto. Well, I thought I would have stopped before I reached my 40th birthday. Well... seems unlikely, now it's only a few days away. Yes I dare to admit that I do not look like my age. No one can tell if they don't know where I'm coming from. Hehehe... I'm blessed with youthful glow, freckle and wrinkle-free complexion. Thank Allah for that. 

Hmmm... back to the topic of children. I'm blessed in a way that all my nieces and nephews love me. I adore each and everyone of them. Sometimes it feels like my heart would burst just by looking at them. They made me want to hug and kiss and smile and happy. It's magical and beautiful moments with children. 

I wonder if I would be able to be a mother one day. 
I wonder if I could be a good mother.
I wonder, I wonder... endlessly.

The biological clock is ticking at yet I am still hoping. Lalala... Amin to my own thoughts.


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