Saturday, September 01, 2018

About being respectful

I would like to share my experience about this subject,  i. e.  Respect.  It's a simple word but not easy to apply in our daily lives. 

Recently, the gray sky seemed to be replaced by a sunshine so bright we all felt it with the changing of Malaysia's government.  Right after GE14, I started a new job.  It was like a new hope and definitely a new beginning.

The first day at work already a major flop.  I reported to duty 15 minutes late because I miscalculated the traffic as it was my first time driving to work on a busy Monday.  Furthermore,  I had a stomachache so I went into the washroom first. I was appalled that I was called to the boardroom by a young boss who preached me about being punctual and show of good example to others. I was forced to apologise. It was really insincere apology coz I don't feel it in my heart to apologise but I said it anyway. That's the first welcome I received. 

And I was given an appointment letter afterwards stating the amount of salary that has been creatively altered as from what was agreed upon during the interview session.  My second shock of the day but I signed it anyway. I don't want to easily be calculative towards the company. 

After not even a month in the employment , I was being humiliated many times in the meeting.  All my setbacks were being mentioned loudly and viciously for all to hear. It was more like a fault finding exercise rather than solution. I lost the respect of my subordinates and colleagues as they thought I was incapable. 

Accomplishments were not being acknowledged and I lost most of my Saturdays and Sundays having to work on events. The bosses treated the staffs like slaves and robots.  We were not allowed the freedom to express our potentials.  The customs and ways of doing things were solidly planted.  You just feel like you are stucked there. There were never suttle ways of addressing issues and people.  Your emotional zen was being bulldozed and disrupted. You lost your peace.

The moral of the story here is that if you are a leader,  you need to show what a good leader supposed to be.  Leaders don't simply give orders.  They need to show how it's being done.  Then you get people to follow your examples.  Then you get loyal supporters who will back you up all the way to success.  Leaders compliment staffs in the crowd but address short falls in the private.  Leaders respect their subordinates and so they gain respect in return. Success can't be achieved alone.  It's not a one man show.  Please lah....  I got sick of it all and I left after a mere 3 months. 

I guess leadership skills are absent in many leaders nowadays. Egos and sense of entitlements keep hindering them from learning. I am not teaching leadership skills here.  I just want my readers to know,  we are just a human being living a temporary life. We might be on top today but you wouldn't know one day the wheel will start rolling downwards. When that happens, how are you going to face it?  Malaysia has seen it first hand. This is a lesson for all of us.

Life is a mystery.  God is the most perfect planner. Be humble always.  Respect all that you see around you, even your environment like the trees and the soil and the bees.  With respect,  this world will be a beautiful place to live in. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Appreciate All Finer Things in Life after the Storm

Life is indeed a journey.  You learned so much along the way.  For me, my journey was not a straight path.  The road was longer, bumpy,  lots of thorny bushes and falling trees disrupting my way but it kept me wiser and stronger to face the next obstacles.  I am truly grateful. 

I've been searching so long for the meaning of life.  I researched about the world's wisdom from diverse culture and creed hoping to understand how the Creator works.  It left me disappointed for the longest time.  Be it in personal life,  family or career, I failed in all areas of life that I hit the lowest of lows and the deepest of bottoms. 

When you reach to that lowest bottom then only you will see the bigger picture. You know what to aim and you learn how to use all your resources in order to climb back to the top. 

I thought I could be wise by just reading someone else's experience.  No it doesn't work that way.  You can only be wise by being alive and living your life. We can not be static. Travelling and interacting with another living thing; humans,  animals, plants and nature.  You need to move and do something everyday.

I am starting a new journey right now. A new me understands things better.  All bad weather will see a better day.  Everything will be better. A wise  successful businessman once taught me about the magic word 'better'.  He made me believe in better :)

Today I am humbled and wiser. I understand this evanescent life is just a test for the hereafter.  We are created for a purpose and we are not alone. We can't live alone.  We are the instrument of God, i.e  Allah SWT.  Alhamdullillah for this life, for the lessons and for the blessings. 

Happy 61st Independence Day Malaysia!

I am happy with the new Malaysia.  So far so good.  Much better than the previous government.  I hope Malaysia will be great again and as a Malaysian,  we could say it proudly to the world. 

The first quarter of 2018 was like a roller coaster.  Then I started with a new office job after 5 long years of working on a freelance basis.  Some more,  I was not choosy with the job offer.  Then I got disappointed and left the job. 

The Almighty works in a mysterious way.  From the worst job ever,  I got to a better job ever.  I am so happy and thankful that Malaysia feels like a great place to be once again.  It has been a long time that many people like me are suffering and struggling to make it in the business as well as in the career.  After the great GE14, Malaysians united like never before.  It's like a new phase of moving forward to greater heights for the country and the citizens. 

Let's just celebrate our diversity, embrace our differences to make Malaysia great again.  Sayangi Malaysiaku! Selamat Hari Merdeka! 

Friday, June 01, 2018

2018 a new beginning

After a long hiatus of healing and reflection,  here I am again visiting my special place. 

2018 is such a historical year for me and the entire nation.  I had so many new beginnings and so does our beloved Malaysia.  An act of disruption has brought us all together to end the era of kleptocracy and dominance hierarchy. What a breath of fresh air. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why this Chicken Pox

2016 Eid celebration was bitter sweet. Unforgettable. A blessing I am sure. Alhamdullillah :)

So I had the most unusual Raya ever. My arm was never a bother to me. I was still in good spirit of celebration. Family some how was my joy and comfort. I had very few happiness lately, so I rejoice every little bit of happy vibes that goes my way.

I followed my father and step mom everywhere for Raya celebration. We went up to the north to join my sister at her husband's kampong in Kedah, the land of Jelapang Padi. It was an awesome time for all of us. Then we went to my little brother wife's kampong in Perak.

And after all the fun, I got down with chicken pox!

And I am writing this with a hand infested with the ugly pox. Some more, can't go out for 2 long weeks. Another one week plus to go. 

Please pray for me. I hope all the unfortunate events will end. I am desperately need to move on. Enough house rest. No more. Huhuhu. 

Alright folks. With lots of love and good thoughts. Chioa for now. Mwah! Mwah! 

Due to my cemented arm, I couldn't fit into my raya attire. Dressing up modestly. 

Look at the padi field. As far as the eyes can see. 

Tarraa... My right elbow after surgery infested with big gooey pox. Yucky, right!

Monday, July 04, 2016

A series of unfortunate events

2016 is not my best year so far. I have been tested to the max. A series of unfortunate events which left me very little hope to continue living. But you will never know what  strong is until you had to be strong. It's tiring, being strong for most of your life.

So another dreaded episode of my life came this blessed month of Ramadhan. The month I love most because my Mom gave birth to me in this holy month. A day before Ramadhan, I was again being an independent woman and so called strong; unfortunately fell from a chair and I broke my left elbow.

This strong woman didn't even go to clinic to get treatment thinking that she could bare the pain. She endured for two weeks with just a painkiller bought from a pharmacy. However the pain didn't go away and the hand can't be straightened. And that's when she finally gave up and went to the nearest hospital to fix the problem. Here goes... 

At a time when I really can't take a brake, I am facing yet with another life challenge. I went to the emergency to check on my right arm last Thursday night, 27th June'16. After about two hours I met with the MO incharge. In order to get my arm xrayed, the MO got my urine tested to ensure I am not pregnant. Yup, even when I told that I am not married. He said we follow procedure. Okay good to follow procedures.

After basic finger tips sense of touch and condition of the skin plus arm movement, the MO said most unlikely I had broken anything. It was before the xray. Then after the xray, he said with confidence, no fracture. I was given a nerve and painkiller pills. That's all. I left the hospital with pure relief as nothing was broken.  I thought.

The next morning I was called by the hospital and was informed that there was a fracture and was asked to immediately come back. I went there and was again xrayed. This time an Orthopeadic Dr saw me and he advised that I might need an immediate surgery. They put me into a temporary cast and was given an appointment to meet the ortho specialist on Monday. What kind of surprise was this. I was devastated hearing about the possible surgery.

So I went, again was xrayed. And the Dr confirmed the need of surgery to put a plate for the fracture. My operation was scheduled on next Friday, 1st July'16. I was nervous and freaking out. It cost me RM2,010.00 to put on the plate (and this is a government hospital). They gave me a quote and details of bank account to pay. But I can't straighten my arm and it's painful. So I decided to go ahead with the operation albeit many doubts and financial difficulties. 

First time in the 42 years of my existence, being hospitalised. So, it's like a big deal to me. 

Wearing the ugly but comfy hospital uniform. Not so bad. The doctors and nurses were nice and courteous. So I feel well looked after. Kind of a resting period for me, though. 

The surgery went off smoothly and I left hospital only after 3 days. Enough time to celebrate Eid in another 3 days. My hand looks good. 

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Pictorial Desa Diary Farm

I think I am feeling lazy to write anything. Let the photos do the talking, ya. Enjoy!

Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang, Sabah

The ticket to Desa Dairy Farm
Hello sunshine!

The diary cows are here folks! Black and White, I like. It's a hot hot day. 
The barn. It's very high tach, i.e automatic faeces removal and cleaning. Systematic food and water distribution. Awang got so fascinated by it. Me feeling, it's very hot out hear.  
The farm has a section where visitors could play with the calves and the billy goats.
A lot of scenic spots for taking photos folks :) 
Mountainous view covered by the clouds 


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